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I had a reversal on May 22, 2013. And, I still have accidents often - 3 or 4 a week. I no longer take probiotics and enzymes from the naturalist doctor which after ceasing to take them didn't change a thing. Must be healed up more down there. I take a tsp of metamucil in 2 oz of water at night and in the morning. Can't handle too much fiber or I go like crazy. I take immodium most days. It is getting better but I am nervous it is going to be like this forever. I am sure it will change some but I am still hoping it will improve.

Also, I didn't note - I had cancer, so part of my rectum and 10 inches of my colon were removed. Had radiation also. Then, had a leak which took a flap to heal it finally. So I was diverted for 16 months.

Apparently that is a long time and that muscle forgets what the heck it is supposed to do.
Some days are almost like normal. But I do have a lot of pain in the anal area especially if I go a lot.
I haven't noticed if any foods are better than others for my issues yet. But I do have to be careful of chewing my food due to blockages. Have had several of them this year.
I am traveling again though. Been on 3 trips this year. I have decided staying holed up in the house is too depressing. Have several more trips planned for the rest of the year.
Hope to quit having accidents. That would be my next dream. I see a trainer to work all of my body and do pelvic floor exercises. I would think after over a year, it has to start working sometime.
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