Fast-Acting Foods: What Makes You 'Go' or 'Bind'?

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Carnation Instant Breakfast, the powder mix, provides essential vitamins and minerals. The only bother is that it goes right through me. If I want a quick liquid result, this does it for me. What about you? Do you have something you eat or drink that makes you "go" right away, or perhaps binds you up? Do tell.


Still trying to bind. Sugars are the enemy. They supercharge processing and, of course, in our modern world it's in everything.

Bananas work to a small extent but that might be a function of only having 6 feet of bowel left.


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Hey Warrior, I drink the Kirkland Complete Nutrition Shakes. They do go through me at a quick pace but are a good alternative to eating anything before I go to meetings. Cashews, peanut butter, and rice are the binding foods for me. Stay well. Penguins7


Have you tried sugar-free marshmallows for binding? H

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Eating steak binds me up. Granola with my instant breakfast drink keeps me solid. Every time I eat salad, I'm runny if I don't eat a lot of bread with the salad. When I need vegetables, I drink V8 juice. It doesn't give me gas. I have one good meal a day and drink a lot of milk. Milk is a solid. I eat a lot of grits and cheese, granola, hamburger, and hotdog. Hope this helps.

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Warrior - Since my reversal 6 months ago, stool is very loose. I find that marshmallows and applesauce work best for firming things up.


Hadn't occurred to me that such a thing exists!  I'm game if I can find them!

Thanks for the idea!



They do exist and ostomates swear by them. Now I eat them raw but put over a campfire, orgasmic.

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