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A Stigma Can Be Disheartening


Seven Bridges was a 10-year-old fifth grader. He was born with a birth defect where the opening of his anus was blocked, so he used a colostomy bag to relieve himself. Seven had 26 surgeries and still leaked fecal matter.

Tami Charles, mother of Seven, said he took his life because of the consistent bullying. It had been going on for about 7 months, horribly, but nothing like this year. In August, Seven was brutally attacked.

Tami, Seven's mother, said he was called racial slurs while riding the bus and choked until he nearly lost consciousness. He was taken to the hospital for a CT scan after that incident.

"He couldn't fight back. He didn't know how to hurt anyone; it simply wasn't in him. All Seven did was pray for the boy. Seven was described as a snitch because his mother was so aggressive in advocating for him.

The school system had inconsistencies about bullying.

Tami said Seven seemed to be so depressed in the weeks leading up to his suicide. On Jan 23, 2019, Tami gave Seven his chores that had to be done. She went to the store, and Mr. Bridges, Seven's father, went to choir rehearsal.

When Seven's mother returned, she found Seven hanging from his bedroom closet. She tried to revive him, but he was gone.

Seven attended Kerrick Elementary School in Louisville, Kentucky. Seven's death marked the eighth student suicide this year.

Dr. Allison Yoder, who practices and teaches pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of Louisville's School of Medicine, said suicides by preteens can be traced to bullying or ongoing physical health issues of the victim.

It's rare but becoming more common, Yoder told NBC News."



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Oh my gosh Angel, this is so heartbreaking. I cried reading these stories. It is so terribly horrifying that so many children are committing sucide.  Bullying has always been around ;but nothing like it has been in the last decade .  The sad thing too that some people never seem to grow out of it. Thanks for sharing.



Rebecca, yes it is sad and it's increasing by the numbers. The sad part is bullying exist for all of us... if only it would stop! Thanks for responding !



Hello Angelicamarie. 

Thank you for another interesting (if saddening) post. My perception of the story is not so much the stigma associated with stoma issues, but of the phenomenon of bullying, which tends to be perpetuated by those who feel it is okay to be nasty to anyone who they view as weaker than them (therefore the bullies exert various degrees and manifestations of unrequited power over them).

Bullying has been going on since humans first appeared on this earth and whilst the human race may like to think that it has become more 'civilised', this is a facet of behaviour which indicates that they have moved very little since their cave-man days.

Most of my working life was devoted to trying to mitigate against the worst effects of bullying and every client I ever dealt with was (at some point) SUICIDAL.

My take on  this is;  that modern 'society' needs to take responsibility for the control of bullies. Unfortunately, those who run societies tend to be amongst the worst of the bullies and thus, they set an unfortunate example for the rest of the population. My job used to be providing ongoing emotional stability and safety for individual  'sufferers/victims'. This can work very well on a small-scale but I had no illusions that I was only tinkering around the edges of what was really needed.

Bullies need to be controlled and managed by the laws, morals and norms of the societies in which they live. If the rest of us do not take control, then this travesty of human behaviour will continue blighting the human race.

NB: Most of my publications  have addressed the problems of 'bullying' but it is doubtful whether the bullies will read or agree with anything which contradicts their own views on life and our politicians seem to be some of the prime suspects in the sphere of bullying - so, the phenomenon seems unlikely to change in the near future. 

Best wishes



In my opinion, bullying starts in the home. Parents either ignore it or turn a blind eye. In essence, they support it by their inactions. They think it's a macho thing that their little boy can become the big shot and have so much power over other more timid boys. Parents should be held more responsible for their bullying children especially in schools and controlled social environments. Little girls are not immune from being bullies or being bullied.



Xerxes, Thanks so much for sharing, Your very right about little girls, they're not immuned from being bullied or being bullies. my example follows: In the seventh grade we exchanged names to bring each other christmas gifts and the day we were to open gifts, a girl name mary opened hers and was given soap.  Such cruelty and mary cried, she was so embarrassed.

I was bullied in the seventh grade also.  A girl name naomi wanted to fight me for no known reason.  I was a very quiet and shy 12 year old. This girl ran me home for a week.  The day prior to me going back to school on monday My mom said Angel you have two choices come monday,  stand there and face naomi or when you come home I'm going to whip you.  "I never ran home again."

Bullying have existed for a long time, some can deal with it and others can't. Its sad when it causes one to commit suicide.

Thanks again Xerxes,



Heartbraking! Love and comfort to the family, as they grieve.  


Bill, I didn't ignore your reply. I commented but obviously it was deleted for some reason. Thanks Bill!

HeyHey, that's so very kind of you to say... Thanks!


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