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Successful reversal


i have not posted in a while but I had sucessful ostomy reversal surgery.  I really did not have many problems from the surgery.  Praise th Lord Jesus Christ I no longer have an ostomy bag!  I was so sick from various infections I almost died three times.  I am over 6 feet tall and I got down to 16o lbs and was bony.  Through a high protein diet and exercise I now weigh 205 lbs and I am muscular. I feel great!  Almost dying was good for me because it led me to the Catholic Church and the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you are Catholic and have an ostomy offer your suffering to Jesus Christ.  My time with an ostomy was like purgatory.  I pray that all of you are blessed with the srength to carry on.

Talk to others with an Ostomy
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WingChunjeff- I'm happy for you! I'm also a reversal surgery success story and am thankful every day!


Congrats honey 


So glad you are doing good. I am a christian but not of the catholic faith. But Through Jesus Chtist I have have been blessed and helped through a lot of problems. Sometime I wonder if I were elgiable for a reversal if I would chose to or not I am glad it worked out good for you I have read some people had a really hard time with it. I guess a lot depends on the person.


Congratulations on becoming ostomy free and your new found faith.


I m so excited for you & your new life- congrats 🎊🍾 


WingJunjeff.... God Bless you!!!



Jeff, great news both on the op and ur faith. I’m catholic and had my reversal in September. It went well and I’m mostly back to normal. I had read horror stories from others and almost didn’t do it. Although this past year was tough fighting rectal cancer, it brought me closer to God and made me appreciate what a great life I have had. 

Now I want to use my remaining time to lead a positive, giving life devoted to His glory and to serve the less fortunate.


Congratulations on both Ostomy freedom and your finding your faith! Two life altering events! You are one lucky guy ! 
Now get on with your life! Enjoy!

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