Sensura Mio Convex Flip: No Spray or Barrier Ring Needed? Users' Experiences?

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The forum discussion is about users sharing their experiences and opinions on the Sensura Mio convex flip appliance for ostomy care.


I'm gonna try this new appliance out today but I'm hesitant. From the reading, it appears there is no need for a skin spray protectant... or "O" ring seal.... You clean the area around the stoma and flip the barrier inside out to apply and just press and seal it that way... So what's the story? No spray to protect the skin for removal... and no barrier ring to help prevent leaks? Is this thing for real? I have been using Convatak appliances and they required an 'O' ring and spray protector. What do current users say and do about this??

Again, this is the two-piece Sensuramio convex flip appliance I am trying out for the first time... Any advice or comments? I just can't believe you clean, peel, and stick it. And you're done... Of course, I am very concerned about the removal without any protectant. Geez. Can't be that simple, huh? Thanks in advance =0

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I don't need convex so can't say I've used it, but over 30 years of having an ostomy, I've never used any skin protectors or rings and just had the occasional problems that's cleared up in a few days by itself.

About Your Ileostomy | Hollister

Panther... you suck! Ok... just kidding, that's great that you've got such a cooperative stoma and adjacent skin. Are you an organ donor? Because if you are and you kick the bucket, I'm coming over and loping off a hunk of that great abdominal skin you have... errr, HAD, and grafting it onto my abs. Now where are you located... oh, figures... you're WAY over there. I'll have to call a few blokes I know over there and have them Next Day Air me that skin. If you see a couple shady characters following you around, don't worry... I promise they won't chop you up until they're SURE you are deceased. Just don't take any long naps in your car, as they aren't the brightest bulbs on the tree.




Hi Panther, I am the same as you. I have had my ileostomy for over 30 years and no problem with my skin.  


My ostomy nurse told me to stop using the barrier spray/wipe protectant. She said I don't need it and for me...she was right. I do not feel at a loss for omitting this step nor do I have any problems pulling off the bag. I do continue to use the barrier rings. I need them or I will not get the leak-free seal.



It's true, you don't need any of that. But.. It's called a convex but it isn't a convex like the others. It's really a flat plate but because it flips over they call it convex. So it won't work with a retracted ostomy or when it's skin level. You will need a leak-free seal then.

As for remover spray or swabs: I'm an ostomy nurse in the Netherlands and we only advise these things when the skin is very sensitive, for instance with kids or when someone is on chemo or radiation therapy. Other than that, we advise against them.


Thank you very much for explaining. The information you gave me relieved my anxiety. This morning I applied the appliance as per your instructions. Cleaned area...flipped it on...finger pressed around the sealing area...and applied the extra strips around the fingers of the starfish. I didn't trust leaving it without back up adhesive tape. Already I feel less restricted bending. And it feels like it's not even there which is an added bonus. Today is the first day ever using this new appliance. I hope it seals and lasts as long as my old system. Really like the starfish design. Very smart. Thanks for being here. Warrior


Hi... Panther... It's not so much it being convex... That is not even the issue. Read ostomy nurse's reply. I think it's just a name. Maybe they make concave types too. Idk..
I just wasn't sold on the idea that the Mio was a peel and place appliance without seals or protectant. Thank you for your reply.


Thank you NYT. Very helpful.  


I was wondering if this was the new Starfish Bag Coloplast came out with. This make would not work for me but I hope it does for you. For the Brava strips, did you use the straight ones and cut them?... Curious


Hi nyt. I used the curved C strips.   The ones they give you are like a large letter Y..... No way I'm using them.  
This was a sample I requested. First time using it. They're bags - 2 piece system. It has a charcoal filter. I do not like the clip on the bag that secures it to the appliance.   Difficult to put on and release.   Yeah, the starfish design is genius.  


Please let us know how it goes. I was also going to try these. Why are they described as "flip"? What does that mean? I use the Hollister 2-piece convex system now, the curved Brava strips with no skin-prep, and it sticks fine.
Best of luck!


I use the Coloplast two-piece but not convex. I have never had to use any spray paste, rings, or anything. I tried some of them but found no added benefit. I have never had any skin issues. It comes off easily when I want it to and lasts 10 days. Same with my Convetec two-piece systems. I quit ordering all that stuff. I guess I just have some good skin! Not tender and that is amazing in itself because I have Fibromyalgia and that causes pain everywhere! Lol

Keep us posted! Hope this new product works well for you.



Hi..tmn86. Best I can tell, the flip means when you go to apply the appliance, it has to be inverted or flipped backwards. Normally, this starfish design would be difficult to apply because it is convex (rounded to contour your belly). So flipping it backwards allows you easy access to place it around the stoma, then you flip it back where you apply pressure to the fingers of the appliance.

I don't believe you can just place this wafer as is without flipping it backwards. Google it, the pictures will help understand.

One day using it, I feel less restricted bending over to tie shoes and whatnot. I think the bagging system needs a bit more improvement. Help much?


Thanks pup. My skin around stoma has been great for two years using the ring and spray protection. Feel naked without using it. I'll know more after I used the three free samples how it affects the skin upon removal. Yes, saving from not using a barrier ring or protectant sure does help. But will it be worth it? Film at eleven.


Hi! I always used spray and rings with those, as well as the protective strips you are using. I know you said that you didn't want to try that one because it looked like it would hurt your stoma, but I am glad to hear that you did!!! Loved it! I didn't even realize that I had a bag on sometimes because it was actually comfortable!



Have been using the Convex for 3 months, no barrier film or wipes, no rings, definitely have to use tape or Brava 1" adhesive strips on the arm of the star.

So far it has been good.



I would very much like to try the starfish-shaped appliance, but I do not like the system Convatec uses to attach the pouch to the appliance. I do like the solid snap of the Hollister New Image products, but I am having difficulties with my peristomal hernia causing pressure so the inside edges of the appliance (near the stoma) pop up away from the skin, allowing waste to collect between the skin and the appliance close to the stoma. The Convatec starfish-shaped appliance would be more flexible and not put that pressure on the inside edge of the appliance.

I wish Hollister would come out with something similar.




I have tried every bag and wafer there is but this one is the winner! We still use protective powder and a barrier ring and it works great like that!


Thank you for your comment. The wafer is perfect. But the bag.. is the worst. My last bag system never had poop touch hands. The lip on this one is just nasty. And the felt buttons? What's up with that? The bag.. by emptying it is so dirty. Terrible design.


Hi Newbie,

Don't worry... if the starfish shape sells, then Hollister (and everyone else) will copy it. There's no reason you can't cut a similar finger shape in your Hollister barrier. If your barrier is like mine, then Hollister gives you plenty of bandage material around the periphery to cut fingers into, and being a bandage material and not plastic, you can pull it tightly over your skin and it will take on the same contour as your skin. The Mio looks cool, but being made of plastic, I'm thinking the shape of your abs that you're putting it over needs to be pretty close to the convex or concave shape it's preformed to, or you'll have issues. I'll take a look in the samples they just sent me to see if I have a Mio in there.




Maybe I'm confused, but I thought the Starfish appliance was manufactured by Coloplast and not Convatec.


You are correct, nyt.  Newbie got company names mixed up. I can also see how people are calling the Mio Flip "the convexed type" when in fact it's not convexed at all. Coloplast should have kept it simple... "the Flip" or "Starfish". I know there's a joke in there. (Starfish Tuna - tell them Charlie sent ya) Bazinga!


I was sent some free samples of the 2-piece Sensura Mio and absolutely love it. I was using Hollister products for 5 years and would occasionally have some irritation. I would also have problems with it sticking to my skin. No problem with the Coloplast products. I do nothing to prep my skin except take a shower and use soap and water beforehand. When I remove it, I could probably just peel it off but the pubes get in the way so I use 1 or 2 adhesive remover pads. It really is a great product. For some odd reason though, you only get 5 disposal bags for every 10 ostomy bags. Doesn't make sense to me.


Glad some folks have positive feedback with the Mio Flip.

I had an epic fail after 3 days using it and my first time... It leaked at the bottom. I did not use a barrier ring. So that is something I must try later. Removal of the strips and starfish wafer was easy using spray to dissolve the adhesive worked so nicely. Once the item was removed, clearly one could see the leak though..oh well.

So I am happy with the starfish design..but the bag they sent needs streamlining. First, it looks like it's wearing an overcoat. Has a material fabric cover which gets messy when draining. And these stupid felt "buttons" become dirty immediately. And the's a large diameter unlike Convatec. They use a folding lip which is also nasty to deal with.

You know it's understandable some products work better than others and those products per customers work differently. Mio for me doesn't work. But will give it another go once I find a better bag for it.

So back to Convatec. For me, this is the product line other companies have to beat. standard.. Warrior.


I just tried this product for the first time. I did use protective spray prior to use, and I also used a barrier ring. What I did not use was stoma paste. I usually use all 3 due to a problem with leaks. It only lasted me 2 days, then leaked. Ugh. I'll try again with paste and see how it goes. Just to clarify, I'm referring to the Sensura Mio Convex Flip. Mine also leaked at the bottom. Will give one more try.

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