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I think I have a hernia near my stoma. I just noticed a small bulge on the right side of my stoma. I just got home from a 4 day inpatient hospital stay. I was dehydrated from increased out put and pain. I had no other classic symptoms of stomach flu or flare like symptoms. I got a CT scan, X- ray in hospital.

How did we miss this hernia? should I get an ultrasound? 

Also my stoma has looked pale could there be a blockage or restriction of some sort?

If you have have had a parastomal hernia did you have these symptoms?

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  Hi rose,

I recently have gotten a bulge on the right side of the stoma left of the navel. I have a CT scheduled for March and see my surgeon in April. The only symptom so far is sometimes burning-throbing pain. 

I sincerely hope they can help you out soon. 


Check into a Nu Hope ostomy hernia belt it will help hold things in place and give you support,  if you search it on Amazon you can see what they look like, mine are covered by insurance, I wear a 8 inch wide with a center hole 

good luck


  Me too, C.


After my last CTscan Nov/19 they confirmed what I already knew, its the size of a hard ball, a hernia to the right of my stoma, sticks out at least 2" and added 4" to my pant size. In Ontario, Canada I'm probably going to have to wait at least a year if not longer to get this fixed. I made my own belt with some wide elastic. I cut the ends to fit thru the loops on my one piece bag, and used liquid glue for material cloth so it wont fray. Works but surgery is needed.


I had a large peristomal hernia. (Repaired Nov. 2019) I had no pain, since I have paresthesia within my abdomen. I was really worried about the hernia, because I could not feel anything. I also had two small incisional hernias. These appeared along suture lines that gave way. Hernia belts do help, but can be difficult in the summer's heat. My stoma prolapsed by 3 inches, but stayed nice and pink. I only had one impaction that required hospitalization. So, my surgeons kept putting off my surgery for 5 years.


Hello there, Happy Friday my friend I have a hernia and been trying to get a belt and maybe you can tell me more about what you use!?Its not comfortable when I wate it but want to ware one more and not feel this way😊you know what I mean?Please know that I'm going through sane stuff reply when you can ok I appreciate it! Sincere friend Victoria 


Hello cplumber, Thanks for replying back and I wonder, your insurance pays for supplies that's great... what kind works good? I been searching and bought a couple they don't work 😢also you gained weight but anyway things we shouldn't do with a hernia ? Or anything you was told about avoiding,,, please would be nice to here,,, I will say this for me it's no joke this stuff I go through and I'm sure you have stuff to, I'm sorry,, my ostomy Buddy hope your doing better theses days!! Thanks again 🙏😇Sincerely  Victoria 💐 

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