Share your cool old barn pics!


Hi guys,

Lovely's now got me going through old pics and I ran across these of my barn. I painted it back in 1995, when I moved in (the barn was already there). I found a real Dad's advertising sign from the '30s (on eBay)....then took a pic of it.....and printed it out on a clear overhead projector transparency sheet. Then with the help of a friend (and a long extension cord) we set the projector up in the pasture at night, shone the image on the side of the barn....and traced it out. Then we spent the next 2 days painting it. When the Blue Angels come to perform at our airshows they use my barn as a land target for their formations.



Hi Bob,

That's great thinking. It looks super! Even if the paint has some age by now, I'm sure it will look great for years to come. You are like ol' Wile E. Coyote - genius.

... mountain.

Wow, Bob, that looks great! What a good idea. You are very talented. How many acres do you have?

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Hello Bob.

The barn looks good. I couldn't do that with my little shed as it has vegetation growing all over it,(including the roof) as with the rest of the garden. I think your barn would only just fit in the whole of my outside plot!

Best wishes


Great job, Bob!  


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Hey Bob,

You are so upbeat and witty ... and you come up with the most interesting of topics (hats, cats, barns ...) Carry on ... like you would say. Karen

Hi K,

Well thanks! I realize this is an ostomy site.......but it would be soooo nice if I could stop thinking about it all the time. Which I now do.....thanks to you fine folks. Getting on here actually made me realize that....yeah I got a what? It really is a small part of who I am, so I plan to spend less and less time thinking about it. Why dwell on something you can't fix or change? So I'll keep posting non-ostomy topics and maybe it will help someone else stop thinking about "it" all the time.

Carrying on.........



Good for you, Bob. I am glad it helps you as it does me, and I think a lot of others. There are several categories they have here to post in. It is interesting to read about what others are doing and to be able to get help when needed. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.

<p>Hello Bob.</p> <p>I have often wondered whether changing the topic on here would be appropriate, and have in the past, chosen to stick with the stoma related topics for my blogs. However, I am always grateful for people like you, who break away and develop topics on other things as this very often gives me ideas for rhymes, or opportunities to post old ones.</p> <p>Unfortunately, the forum doesn't seem to document rhyming verse in the layout that allows it to be read in the way it's supposed to be, whereas the blogs keep the layout as I've typed it.&nbsp;</p> <p>As for the thinking about the stoma, I find that there are so many other things to think about and write about, that I need to come on here to get new concepts about stomas to versify. So please don't avoid the subject altogether.</p> <p>Also, when new people enter the site for the first time, they may be a little put off if the majority of posts become not about stoma related stuff at all - Just a thought!</p> <p>Best wishes</p> <p>Bill&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>PS: Thanks also for the idea for a new rhyme, which I have just posted on my blog! I hope you enjoy!</p> <p><br /><br /></p>

Nice barn! So creative! I wish I did have a barn and a few acres around it! LOL

Hi Bill,

  I fully understand what you're saying... we sure don't need this site becoming another Facebook!!   So I will tread lightly with the off-topic stuff... I just figure with everyone feeling down about the virus lately, it wouldn't hurt to change it up a little bit.   Reading too many bad, sad, or OMG posts on here at one time can have a negative effect on people too.   So fear not, I'll just toss one in every now and then... and if my buddies in MODERATION feel I'm overdoing it, I'm sure they will let me know... as they usually do.   Or if anyone on here feels I'm overdoing it... just shout.    

  I'm glad you mentioned the format difference between the blogs and forum posts.   I was wondering how you got your spacing in your rhymes because the few times I tried it, I couldn't... I just never made the connection that the format was different between the two.   So thanks for that.    



There are a lot of topics listed that it asks you when you want to post what topic you want to post in. There is a   Social Discussions--Lets Talk--Questions Not Related To Ostomy---Just For Laughs---Videos--Arts, Music, Movies, Plays, Concerts. So I don't think they expect every post to be about ostomies. As long as we use the right listed topic, I don't see how it can be a problem. There are also a lot of ostomy topics to post about things concerning ostomies. So Bob, if it helps us to discuss other things, I say post on. I know it helps me and according to replies, I think others feel the same way. What do others think?

Lovely, you hit the nail square on the head. I agree with you. Thanks all for chiming in on Bob's behalf.   ...mountain.  

<p>Hello everyone.&nbsp;<br /><br /></p> <p>I thought I ought to come back on this post again to explain a little further about my comments and where they were coming from.&nbsp; I do like Bob's excertions into other subjects and would encourage this. My thougths were much more about my own posts and particularly 'blogs' , where not so many people post and, over time, it looks as if my posts and rhymes are swamping the site. This has become more pertinent since I posted rhymes about covid 19 and 'bullies'. I have been contemplating taking these posts off this site because when I look back on them, I envisage newcomers looking in on 'latest blogs' to be confronted with loads of rhyming verse that has little to do with why they came on the site in the first place. They might be put off by this.</p> <p>I had wondered if I would/could, post this stuff for a limited period of a few days or a week or so, then take it down, so that it is not a permanent fixture.</p> <p>Just a thought!</p> <p>Best wishes</p> <p>Bill&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Hi Bill, I am sorry if I did not understand what you meant. It did sound like we should be just posting about ostomies. There are just so much one can post about ostomies. I guess that is why they listed so many topics. The topic for this one was Just For Laughs. I went back and looked at blogs and I don't think your blogs were swamping the site. I and I think along with others enjoy your rhymes. I think this site does a good job of answering when people have questions they need help with. And hopefully more people will join in. But it is good to think about other things and helps people like me who don't have a lot of people to talk to. I don't think you should remove any of your blogs. Stay safe

Hi Bill,

Just keep posting as you have done. It is great to talk and learn about our ostomies but side-relief is needed as well. Your creativity and Bob's "et alia" ostomates explosions of awesome topics is much appreciated – by this poster and possibly by more.

We can still enjoy the sunshine and even get sunburned, plant a garden, go to entertainment venues, fart in embarrassing places, go fishing or hunting or for just a car ride, paint old barns, get bit by mosquitoes and yes – have an awkward blowout in a retail store. We have all been there. Unlike my good friend who was hospitalized due to a stroke and had limited mobility (confined 24/7 to a hospital bed) and was tube fed – we are all alive – the only thing different is that our plumbing has changed.

This site has served all purposes: humor, advice, knowledge, off-the-wall topics, a place to vent, a place to hook up, a place to share the positives and the negatives, a place to share often opposing views on life topics, a place to share artwork and writing skills but more importantly, a place to allow us to actively take part or just read for information.


<p>Hello Lovely.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br /></p> <p>I agree entirely, that there is only so much we can say about stoma stuff (especially in rhyme and when we have already said and repeated many of the subjects). At one time, in the distant past, there were lots of people blogging on here, so I was able to spread my rhymes out between other blogs and it didn't look as if I was swamping the site with rhymes. Nowadays, there are not so many bloggers and even if I only blog once a month, they still often seem to come up listed one after another.&nbsp;</p> <p>For the time being, I have decided to delete the recent ones which were more to do with 'bullying' than they were to do with stomas. I am very near the end of my projected 4th book on 'Bullying' and there seems to be no-end to the different ways in which bullies manage to capture my attention in this regard, so I expect I will start another in the series after this one.</p> <p>Meanwhile, I have started three other books, which will focus my attention elsewhere in the coming months. One of these will be the 4th in the series on 'My Ostomy World', so hopefully there will be enough stimulating posts on here to motivate me towards that end. The&nbsp; second book will be about Rhymes and writing rhymes., which is likely to be of more interest to other poets than the general public. The third book, entitled 'Whext' (meaning WHat nEXT)will be a collection of poems about all sorts of odd stuff which doesn't , as yet fit into any particular subject area.&nbsp; Maybe some of these will get posted on here, if they are prompted by someone else's posts.&nbsp; That's one reason why I like other people posting on&nbsp; different subjects, as it gives me ideas for more rhymes. It is&nbsp; a pity that the verses don't copy and paste into the forums in the same layout as they do in the blogs, otherwise I could blend them in with other people's contributions and they would not stand out so much.&nbsp;</p> <p>If there is any subject that you would like me to&nbsp; write about, all you need to do is to give me the outline of the story and I'll give it a go. I did like the concept of the criminals using Covid 19 as a way to get the police to back-off. That has also been happening over here, so it struck a chord and fitted in well with the 'bullying' theme!</p> <p>Best wishes</p> <p>Bill</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Hi guys,

First, Bill......I get where you're coming from and didn't take your post as a "stop posting all that non-ostomy crap" type of reply. I look at it this way.......if a newbie comes on here (and takes the time to search) they're going to learn more about ostomies and their issues than on any other site. And they'll learn it in layman's speak and not have to untangle some medical journal entry or report. They'll also see that anything can be discussed here because no one on here is judging anyone, we're all of one mind. And the problems and remedies we discuss are real and verified....because we're all the guinea pigs.........and report what we find, good or bad. If there are other things discussed on here not specifically ostomy related, I see it as only adding, not subtracting from the conversation. And coming on here for the first few times and reading about all the bad stuff.........hernias, ostomy products not working, cancer, multiple surgeries, Crohn's and UC, etc, etc, and the tolls those things are taking on many people's lives......can give someone the impression that it's all bad. And we know it's not. But when you look for something bad things related to tend to find them.

So I, for one, would like you to continue posting as many of your rhymes, on as many topics as you like. It only adds to the conversation and people can choose not to read them if they like. As for giving you more topics to write about..........get your pen and paper ready, brother.......I'm just getting started. I'm planning on getting back into the dating arena this summer......I got a feeling I'm going to be giving you all the ammo you can carry.



Hi Bill, I think bullying is a very important subject and needs to be addressed. You may want to rethink about removing them. So many people get depressed about it and don't know how to handle it. Stay safe

A little slow to get my reply in, but here's my tobacco barn. It's used for hay storage nowadays, the government having put most small tobacco farmers out of the business.

<p>Hello Lovely.&nbsp;<br /><br /></p> <p>&nbsp;I do agreee with you that lots of people get depressed about this if they are victims of bullying/abuse. My concern would be that my posts would be a distraction for those newcomers who are looking to focus on problems with their stoma management rather than bullying. However, as there have been many post son here in the past about how people have been treated because of their stomas, I think I can stil produce some fresh verses on the subject whilst still being relevant on a stoma site.&nbsp; I have a lot of rhymes relating to chronic illness, which can be adapted to include how bullies hone in on people who are percieved to have 'weaknesses', and are, therefore, easy targets for them.&nbsp; You can be sure that this subject will not go away for me, as long as there are still bullies out there.</p> <p>Best wishes</p> <p>Bill</p>

Hi mild_mannered, maybe you can take Bob's idea and use an overhead projector and a transparency sheet to use a picture you like. Stay safe.

Hi Mild,

That's awesome. We used to be all about tobacco here in Maryland, with tobacco barns everywhere. Now only the Amish and a few local farmers still grow tobacco. I believe the buyout by the government was for 10 that will be coming to an end. It will be interesting to see if those who took the cash and grew corn will now go back to tobacco. Seems a lot of people still smoke, despite the ridiculous price of a pack of cigarettes. Raising the price on cigs doesn't deter too many from buying just makes them poorer.

For those who don't know what a "tobacco barn" looks like a regular barn, but the walls swing out at the bottom to allow air to circulate through the tobacco leaf bundles that are hung from the rafters. The tobacco is put up high, where the hot air is in the barn, but there needs to be circulation for the leaves to dry out. Once the tobacco is dried, it's taken to market and the barn walls are put back down. They're pretty cool. Literally too.



Thanks for the information, Bob. I thought when I looked at it that it looked like there were two layers of walls. I wondered why. Stay safe.

Hello Bob.

Yes! Thank you so much for explaining the unusual look of this barn. As far as I am aware, tobacco growing has never been done in th UK as the climate has hitherto not been conducive. However, the British were quite happy to import this crop from elswhere, as they were with many other things. I don't think it will be long before these barns (or something like them) will come back into use for the drying of cannabis, but that's another story. 

Best wishes


The old chicken coop blew over and 1 2 3 it is upside right again. It was before my time.

It is strange that the building next to it didn't get blown over, and the little one in front looks like a dog house. Good pictures, thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

If you look closely in the top photo, you can see the roost poles. We always made those out of saplings, about 2 inches in diameter. Cool photo of a well-constructed building since it appears to still be close to square even after being turned over.

Yeah, what I find interesting is the corner posts of the building weren't buried in the ground, meaning the building was never fastened to the ground in any way. When I build my coops, I always start by setting the 4 corner posts at least 30" into the ground. Interesting design. Thanks for sharing this. also proves that real tractors were and are RED, not Green. Just sayin'. Go Farmall!



My ostomy bags look exactly like your hat!!

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