Happy Canada Day! Let's Celebrate Together!

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Just a brief note to our friends north of the USA. Happy Canada Day!!! I join in the celebration of your country and invite you to join with the USA in the celebration of our country this coming July 4. Despite being a different kind of celebration considering the pandemic, considering excessive heat warnings and fire dangers, considering hometown fireworks bans and beach closures, and considering social distancing and face masks, we must remember to appreciate everything we DO have, and we will still celebrate everything that makes us who we are. We will be grateful for our freedoms, grateful for essential workers that have kept our worlds spinning, grateful for those volunteers taking care of their less fortunate neighbors, grateful for the leaders who have stepped up to the need, and grateful to draw another breath each day.



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Well said, Dadnabbit.

I agree, we have to focus on our many blessings as a nation. Happy July 1st to our northern neighbors and July 4th here in the states.

Thanks for pointing that out. I don't forget the 4th, it's my birthday. Be well all, ...mtnman.

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Thanks and happy July 4th to you.


Yes, Happy Canada Day – eh to my friends on both sides of the border and all over this precious world!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqPwjwmDWgQAsani (3 of my former Indigenous students) singing our most unique version of "O Canada" with Inuit throat singing and French, English, and Cree (one of our Indigenous tribe's dialect).

Another one of my former students (from days gone by) and his entrepreneur venture – each square was painted by a different person, then assembled to form our flag.

pAnd how about this for a bit of irony .../p
pimg src=


Thanks for this, Nancy. Do you want to hear something funny? My husband and I were married on July 4 many years ago, and the wedding colors actually turned out to be red, white, and blue. I really didn't plan for that. We have dear friends in Michigan who will never let us live it down - they routinely buy us Americana (decorations, towels, candles, etc.) and they tell us that anyone who gets married on the 4th of July deserves it. So we are celebrating Canada Day today, and in 3 days, we will be celebrating again, for 2 reasons. Well, 3 now that I know Mtnman's birthday is the 4th.

So, happy 4th of July to my friends and neighbors and fellow ostomates south of me!

xnine, I think I recognize that goose!



Thanks for the post, Nancy, and an early anniversary greeting to you and your husband, Laurie. Also, a Happy July 4th Birthday to Mtnman as well. The Canada goose and Tim Horton's coffee - how clever, Xnine! K


Thanks for the heads up Nancy.  I celebrate everything our Canadian friends Karen and Laurie share. Why do they seem so smart?  Must be their accents. On the 3rd we'll celebrate the birth of our one pound, 9 ounce granddaughter 16 years ago, my wife's birthday on the 6th , our wedding anniversary on the 7th and now we'll remember Mtnman's birthday on Independence Day.  Stay safe, stay well and stay connected.



Hi Mike,

Your July sounds full of wonderful family fun. Enjoy!! PS, I agree, it must be the accent!!! :-)


I don't have an accent. Y'all talk funny.

Happy July and all your reasons to celebrate, Mike! As Nancy pointed out, we all have lots to celebrate. nbsp



Happy July all! Remember, while celebrating, be safe..... Hey guys, today is my birthday... so I'm celebrating life..



Happy birthday to you, Angel! Look north after dark tonight - I will request fireworks in your honor! :-)



July 1 - Wow and a big happy birthday virtual hug coming your way, from close to the Arctic Circle ... (according to Laurie) hahahaha - where we have the Northern Lights. Hard to see with all this dratted rain so I am sending you a photo. :)K


Karen, I just watched the Asani version of O Canada. It is incredibly moving; thanks so much for including it. I've shared it with several others as well. Hope you're finally getting some warm weather in Edmonton.




Holy Cow or Holy Mackerel Mike - depending on what coast of Canada one is close to - we all have so much to celebrate! I like the stay safe, stay well and stay connected. I would like to add stay concerned!   Celebratory hugs coming your way to you and yours Mike.   I sure would like to be a grandma one of these days but I need cooperation from my kids. Send me the grandkid recipe when you can:)K


Hey Laurie,

Just returned from Home Depot with a bunch of rust-resistant nails, a saw, and some cedar planks to start ARK construction. Have to leave the Cariboo behind as my arc could get lodged in the muskeg and then I am really up "Schitt's Creek." If any of you on this site have not seen this all-Canadian production, the episodes can be seen on Netflix.   K


Karen, when will you move down from the tundra? Don't make me come up there and get you! Down here, in the banana belt of Ontario, I grow kiwis! And wisteria! Magnolia! Bamboo! OK, maybe the last one wasn't such a good idea, as I am finding out, but really! We can swim from spring into fall. We can actually take our snow tires off for more than a couple of weeks. And we don't have to keep our winter boots in the trunk. I don't own a balaclava. Or a toque, for that matter. (Admitting that on Canada Day - I will have to wash my mouth out with soap!) When it gets hot - because it does - we have a wonderful invention called air conditioning, that doesn't involve just leaving the windows open for the arctic air to blow in. Come on, Karen. Sail your ark down this way.



Happy birthday AngelicaMarie---many many more!!  Stay safe while celebrating.



Hi Angelicamarie, 

Happy Birthday! Mine is in three days...mtnman 


Angelicamarie, I hope you had a great day and many more.


Happy Birthday Angelica and Mtnman, and happy Canada Day to northern friends and 4th of July to Americans. Most of the celebrations around here are cancelled and our usual routine of the local big parade and then games and food in the park and fireworks at night are not happening, so it's burgers and beers on our deck and watching the local wildlife in our backyard.


Belated Canada Day greetings (and belated Happy Birthday Angel) and Happy 4th of July (and Happy Birthday Mtnman!) for Saturday. Hope you all have a great day!


Hi JMC, how cool is that, cheers to all! Mtnman 


I just did a curbside pickup of all the HAPPINESS they had left at the strip mall.  So now it's yours my Canadian friends Karen and Laurie, our Angel on her birthday,  Mtnman for his birthday, Nancy, Pup, Lovely, JMC and all you special folks for making our sharing so meaningful to look forward to.  

Sincere thanks,


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