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Need to go somewhere


Things are opening up a bit but not enough yet. Looking at August or September to do something. Drive or fly? North, East or West, South I think the boarder will still be closed. All I want to do is get out of this place. Anyone else got an itch?

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for sure  but i have no family here. kids live in europe  take a trip for me


Xnine, I would be driving. Canadians are welcome in Europe, but you have to ask yourself how safe flying is right now.  The airlines have relaxed the rules about covid precautions, including the wearing of masks. How would you feel about being stuck on a flight beside someone for several hours, not knowing whether they had the virus, but no visible symptoms? I get the feeling of restlessness from being cooped up for months, but to me, it isn't worth the risk to get on a plane right now. You are in Alberta, so within reasonable driving distance of plenty of cool places to visit. Hotels are taking lots of precautions, including booking fewer customers, so that feels safer than flying. Wear a mask wherever you go; keep yourself safe. Let us know about your adventure when you get home.




How about a quick trip to BC to pick up some fruit. The fruit season is in full swing. The Crow's Nest Pass is a beautiful drive to get to Highway 3 one of my favourite BC routes. You can do the complete circle and return via Banff.  I will be doing that is several weeks for a quick break. Take care. Karen


I don't really get out much anyway, so it does not bother me. y'all just stay safe as you can. Best wishes


    Hi xnine,

We all get cabin fever sounds like some good advice. Pick a destination up north and go. 



Now xnine, do you not live in Alberta, quite possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world?!  Are you not about 1.5 hours drive from Banff?!  

A bit further on Peyto Lake...

or Emerald Lake....

or even further afield Maligne Lake...

Now count your blessings, get in your car and off you go! Don't take for granted the beauty in your own backyard.

(Photos courtesy of my niece who has spent the last 18 months in Banff and now happily living and working over in Tofino, BC (soon to be ex-pat Aussie methinks because she loves the land of the maple leaf so much!)


  It's beautiful! ..mountain 


Im right with you Xnine...    I wasn't well enought to travel this past year, and was looking forward to visiting friends in Fla, and in Ga, as well as Flying off to Australia, to visit my kids and grand kids, who live there.   I havent' seen them in 6 years, except for facetime  & video..  Sigh.  And then along came the Pandemic, and thats the end of travel..    I  would do a relatively short road trip,    but have no one to go with, and those who would go, are scared off by the virus...     So I am isolating at home...   And yes,  people are nicer..    They smile with their eyes, and we don't recognize even people we know, because of the masks..     Was sitting outside,  at a local r estaurant that w as closed on Sunday,   using their outdoor tables and chairs, to have take out coffee with a friend..   It felt like a big escape..    We're in search of outdoor seating, so we can have a picnic, or get some take out food..    Frustrating really...



Reply by Immarsh, on Tue Jul 28, 2020 9:28 am

Beautiful Photos, and lovely places to visit....I've been to Vancouver, and all the way over on the east, but not inbetween.. Have always wanted to go to Banf, or take that luxary rail trip.... But my financial & long distance travel wings have been clipped. So I have to think more local and more creative... The New Jersey shore is just a half hour east of me,,,and then I could follow the route south along the ocean drives... Have done that many times, but it's always beautiful!

Exactly Marsha, even in this "annus horribilis" most of us don't have far to look in our own local areas to find the beautiful. 

Have a feeling those of us with wanderlust will be grounded for the forseeable future unfortunately, but probably a good thing for the environment (and the bank balance!)  Am thinking that any future air travel will look a lot different than it did before. 

Hope your offspring are safe and well (Queensland yes?, anywhere but Victoria is doing OK down here for now *touch wood*).



“'There's always a sunrise and always a sunset and it's up to you to choose to be there for it,' said my mother. ‘Put yourself in the way of beauty.'” – Cheryl Strayed, Wild.


Hey xnine, Barbados is welcoming Canadians who want to ride out the pandemic there. It is a beautiful island, with fabulous beaches, and a wild and stunningly gorgeous east coast. And their hot sauce is fantastic - like eating firecrackers. Be warned though: you can't take marijuana with you, you can't dress in camouflage clothing, and maybe best to avoid the place altogether if you're gay. If those aren't deterrents, another upside is that Drake is hanging out there right now. But you still have to sit next to someone on the flight down there......  Maybe if you smother yourself in Bajan hot sauce, no virus will come near you.



Road trip, East, North, West, South Aug 28 to Sept 3, 1980 km (1230 miles)

First stop Medicine Hat for gas. It is pay at the pump, we have had that for a few years, so no contact and no problems. My sister-in-law did not want any visitors since she was having surgery in Sept and did not want to be compromised.

Next stop is Moose Jaw. Hotel required masks and they had shields and masks. Wendy's sister is in a care home and they required masks, the restaurant did not but they wore masks. Got a car wash and some gas had to pay inside no problem. Next day had another visit with Wendy's sister. Found out visiting hours were 2:00 to 7:00 in the rooms so we sat outside in the shade.

Off to Regina, the main reason for our trip was my Aunt's Celebration of Life. Only 70 people allowed in the church which could hold about 200. All wore masks till seated. She passed in March at 95 years but had to wait till now for her celebration. A little visit in the parking lot with masks, there was no reception. Invited to my sister-in-law's for order in supper from Boston Pizza. She preferred we eat outside but it got too windy. We were the first people in the house for months. At the hotel masks were not required.

Off to Regina Beach to stay at my brothers for a night. Took us for a walking tour no masks required. It was windy again, there were no boats on the lake. Wendy's nephew met us for lunch the next day at the famous fish and chips place. Inside seating was closed but found a picnic table for our lunch.

Back to Regina to Wendy's niece's place for supper and later the same hotel. Got in contact with another brother for lunch, masks required. Back to Moose Jaw for another little visit with Wendy's sister and cinnamon buns.

Off to Saskatoon to visit with one of Wendy's school friends. Hotel required masks. Liquor store required masks. Taxi required masks.

Off to Marshall SK. to see my sister. Had a nice visit and a look at her garden. Time for home.

It was nice to get away even if it was a whirlwind tour.


  Hi xnine,

Perhaps it was rush, rush visiting but you did it! You got out and away from the house. How do you feel now? It's sounds like you both had fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it. We all get to that point where we feel we'll burst if we don't get out to what the world is doing or if it's safe out there. 

   Glad you shared it with us. ..mountain. 

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