Public Bathroom Woes: Noise and Water Levels


Does anyone else have trouble using a public bathroom? I hate the crinkle noise. I stop cleaning it when someone comes in. Also, I feel discriminated against when camping. Have you ever noticed the toilets don't fill like a house one? There isn't a lot of water in the bowl. GRRR


That crinkle noise could be you opening a personal product or eating candy. Most people would never guess you are cleaning your bag and most do not care, so clean away.

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Hi Daanders, I agree with Maried, any crinkle noise you are making would probably be mistaken for opening a tampon package or any number of other things. People do lots of things in toilet stalls! I think as time goes on this will seem less important to you. The issue of toilets for us ostomates is a big one though. You know you are entitled to use the 'handicapped' washroom if there is one available, right? The problem is there often isn't one or it's locked, or worse still we are denied access or challenged by some ignoramus when trying to use it. A couple of us are trying to get a campaign going to improve things for us ostomates when it comes to access to public handicapped washrooms and public awareness around the needs of people with invisible disabilities. If you are interested, read my post titled "Covid Fatigue or Just Stupid Human Syndrome?" and Laurie's post titled "Not All Disabilities are Visible". Take care,



Hello Daanders.
Thanks for bringing this subject up as it has been an irritant and a gripe of mine for some time. As usual, I have in the past committed my thoughts to rhyme, so I will reiterate them in this form again:
Best wishes

(Disabled,Ostomy, Incontinence Toilet)

I have a few impassioned pleas.
On loos for disabilities.
For in my travels I have found.
Just loos designed for wheelchair bound.

Now there is nothing wrong with this.
And more of them won’t come amiss.
But wheelchairs aren’t the only thing.
That disabilities can bring.

The problems of incontinence.
Loom large in terms of prominence.
And it’s essential that the loos.
Can cater for those wayward poos.

Here, I think I ought to mention.
Ostomies that need attention.
Incontinence and ostomies.
Are different disabilities.

Their needs are not the same as those.
Who within a wheelchair pose.
But nonetheless their needs are there.
So now I think it’s time to share.

Some sort of shower I could see.
Would clean a bum or ostomy.
And if a table was quite near.
It would be handy for the gear.

We need a place to change our bags.
Or all those dirty inco-pads.
And what we need’s a proper bin.
To put our non-flushables in.

Disposable gloves would be grand.
If they were also close to hand.
These are some things I would choose.
If I designed ‘disabled’ loos.

                                B. Withers 2012


The best toilet facilities.
For those with disabilities.
And other impedimenta.
Are at your local Day Centre.

Someone, somewhere put some thought.
Into the things that they then bought.
The sort of things that showed they care.
These things that should be everywhere.

The first impressions in this place.
Is that they planned for ample space.
Where wheelchairs glide alongside loos.
And they can go just where they choose.

Another of their many charms.
All loos have got two raising arms.
So chairs can get to either side.
And things become more dignified.

If you’re in trouble, you can yell.
Or simply press the panic bell.
All this is just the basic stuff.
But for them, that’s not enough.

Hand showers are convenient.
If you become incontinent.
And loos that are a cut above.
Supply you with some rubber gloves.

Wet-wipes, dry-wipes, towels and soap.
Raise the tone and give you hope.
Bidet or basin with two taps.
Works wonders when with a prolapse.

Non-flushables go in a bin.
Especially there to put them in.
And everywhere is sparkling clean.
These are the best I’ve ever seen!

                                  B. Withers 2012


Hi Daanders, I wouldn't worry about the crinkle noise as it is no worse than the nasty fart your hearing next door! My advice with the toilets with not a lot of water in the bowl is to throw some toilet paper in before you dump the pouch and this will prevent the much-dreaded skid mark. I use this trick especially when I'm at a friend or relative's house. Stay well. Penguins7

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Hi Daanders,

I too get nervous when making noise. I stand up and I know some people are probably just as inquisitive about my feet facing the wrong direction. I'm a bit self-conscious though I know I have to do what I have to do just like the guy in the stall next door. It's embarrassing to me and I think if someone says anything, I guess I'll answer something back accordingly. It's just our new way of life we just adapt. We can't help it. But we are alive and that's what we hold onto.



Thanks.   I will try.


I have never really cared about any noise coming from a public restroom. The smell is what I hate. It is much worse than any regular poo, so I tend to try for an empty restroom for that reason! I also spray a lot of lemon poo spray! I try to limit all my pouch changing to home, but there are times when it is unavoidable!


Who eats candy in the bathroom? LOL


The same people that text while sitting on the toilet, yucky!!!


Gross, lmao.

I poop

I just flushed the toilet!


I wouldn't care about the noise or the smell. You probably don't know or will ever see the other people in the bathroom.

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