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Hot Tub


I was wondering if anyone goes in the hot tub. I had my surgery in February 2019. We shut down the hot tub. I was wondering if it is okay to use. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Daanders, while I am not a hot tub person myself, I don't know why there would be a problem using a hot tub. The hot water might have a negative effect on the seal of your barrier, so you might have to take extra precautions there. Hopefully some hot tub aficionados will weigh in on this. 



Yes. I only usually only put my legs in but you can submerge your self. Set a time limit. If you're bag is tight before you go in it should be good to go. Use flange extenders for extra security. If it is too hot for your toes it is too hot for your stoma. Take care have fun.


Hot tubing is great ..just use water proof tape around your barrier.


I don't know about hot-tubbing but I have a hot bath every morning and my stoma is okay. I don't wear a bag so cannot comment on this aspect. 

As with all things stoma related, it's best to just try things and see if they work for you. there is little to lose and much to gain in terms of lifestyle and experience. 

Best wishes



Jump in relax and enjoy


I was worried if the high heat against the stoma would cause problems, not to worried about the bag.


A hot tub is awesome. I have been in many and never had any issues. As a matter of fact, it is very therapeutic! 
But as Padfoot said, take precautions for the Integrity of your seal. Maybe a barrier strip. They tend to become gooey though. Just don't get In immediately after changing your appliance. Give it time to get a good seal. Since you have a hot tub at home, you can experiment. Crank it up and enjoy! 



Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.   Remember to stay hydrated😎


GERONIMO .................(Big Splash)


I enjoy the hot tub as often as possible. I've had my colostomy 21 years now due to colon cancer and I've never had any problem at all and drink my beer or wine while I'm doing it!!  People with me think it's funny cause it's floats to the top and wiggles around. You gotta laugh and enjoy yourself as much as you can. You just empty your bowels a little different from most people. No big deal!  Enjoy life!!


Just got out.  I sit in mine every night during the winter and have never had any issues.  Good luck and enjoy!


And, don't use the deordorizer  in the bag right after you've applied your system. The seal need to happen first. Tha appliance is apt to leak if you add liquid into just applied bag.



Suz, never thought of that being an issue. I don't use anything like that but nice to know In the event things change! Thanks



Yes. Do it!.

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