Ostomy Memories of Limbo


As a young man, I thought that limbo was a West Indian dance where you bent backward and shimmied under a horizontal bar that got progressively lower. A low bar has come to have a very different meaning these days, as has the word limbo. It is no longer a thing. It is a realm of uncertainty, a period of time in which one is compelled to await a decision or resolution. In Dante’s Divine Comedy, limbo is the setting for the first stage of the journey through the Inferno, the abode of souls who through no fault of their own are debarred from heaven. Heaven and Hell represent different things to different people. Who will be in Hell when this vote count is complete? And who in Heaven?


Hi Henry.  After almost four years of hell (lower case  "h" 'cause that's all it deserves) I can only hope we'll get to be a better country. The country is the sum of the people who lead it, the people who just live in it and those who are victims of it.  It's been Heaven for some and hell for others.  It must change for the good of all deserving residents.  

We're not supposed to discuss politics or religion so I'll close without expressing my opinions relative to the failure of both communities.



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