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Ostomy Memories of Eight Flicks #2


Here's the second entry on my list of sleepers, and one that's going to give away my age.  It's “A Thousand Clowns” which came out the month that I graduated from college, Dec. 1965. I fell in love with it immediately and watched it in the small art theatre near my apartment numerous times, often sitting through successive showings and reacting differently each time (once exhilarated, then depressed, then exhilarated again, etc.). Jason Robards plays an eccentric, unemployed TV writer forced to conform to society in order to retain custody of his nephew. Terrific cast; Martin Balsam won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. NYC in black & white is featured throughout. The Robards character had been writing scripts for a stupid children's show.  At the time, I was writing copy for a department store's major appliances and men's clothing, so I could relate. 

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