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'Tis the Season



  It's that time again, the Holiday Season!  Whichever holiday(s) you celebrate it's that time of the year when we all try to act a little nicer to each other, give thanks for what we have (and especially this year....what we don't have), attempt to spread peace and goodwill to all our fellow man....and then kick this stinkin' crappy year out and welcome in a new, hopefully fantastically better one.  

  I got thinking about some of our friends on here that haven't been around for awhile.  Those that pop into my head are Warrior, NewYorkTorque and Coco620.....but there are of course others, and I appologize for not mentioning them all.  When folks stop posting and/or replying we all wonder why, although it's truly none of our business.  I just hope those who aren't around on here are doing well this Holiday season!  And if anyone runs into them or gets in touch with them over the Holidays (or anytime), wish them the best from all of us.  We might be a weird disfunctional family of sorts........but we're still a family.  

  Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season!! 



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  Here, Here, Bob, 

Very nice thoughts for sure. I agree. 



Well said, Bob!

I think I saw at one point recently that there are over 22,000 MAO members.  Now I don't know how long this site has been around, but I do have to wonder why it seems so few of us are "regulars" commenting, posting on the site.

I do hope all are well.  Happy Holidaze, Everyone!  : )



Hello Bob.
Thanks for this reminder of the season (of good-will). I have made it a 'thing' to write a rhyme each year about this time of the year and most of them have been squirrelled away in my book 'B.Withers in Winter'. However, as I like the habit of coming up with a seasonal rhyme, I will not attach an old rhyme to your post but try to pen a new one. Hopefully, in the next few days.
Best wishes

Alright, so you have prompted me to write some seasonal rhymes today! I feel sure that there are more to come on the Covid theme, but they will probably emerge towards the new year, when things might look brighter.

Best wishes



This is the season of goodwill,
where some folks think they should distil
their kindness into this brief time
and save the rest for unkind crime.

Each and every year, the same
people seem to have no shame,
professing that they are so kind,
forgetting what they've left behind.

The victims of their crimes will still
be reeling from their past ill-will,
but that won't matter to these folk
for they don't bear that heavy yoke.

They'll do their acts of charity,
pretending there is parity,
while they are plotting for next year
when they'll forego this season's cheer.

This is the season for amity,
a reason for peace and harmony,
but it's designed to be quite short
and afterwards it comes to nought.

These people will put on a show,
to try to let everyone know
that they can have benevolence,
whilst hiding their malevolence.

This is the season where the poor
are hoodwinked into wanting more,
so, they are conned out of their cash
simply for their Christmas bash.

This is a season I detest,
when charlatans will do their best
to get the poor and the oppressed
to spend as if they are possessed.

                                             Be Withers 2020


This is the season to be kind,
where all good Christians bear in mind
the birth of Jesus Christ their Lord,
who favoured kindness over sword.

This is the season to be bright,
where once a year we put things right,
or that's the way it ought to be
for that's the way that they taught me.

This is the season we relax,
with Christmas as the great climax,
so, people get together and
think they're on the same waveband.

This is the season to have fun
and try to forgive everyone,
including those who have been mean
and those whose harm may go unseen.

I do know that there are those who
tend to be kind the whole year through,
so, they don't need a season to
make a great show and ballyhoo.

This is the season I withdraw,
for all the bad things that I saw
throughout the year gone by that I
cannot forget, although I try.

This is the season of good cheer,
as Covid vaccines now seem near,
but there are leaders who have tried
to make sure many people died.

And, with so many people dead,
maybe it's time to look ahead,
and learn from bad things in our past
so, we can work to cure them fast.

                                         Be Withers 2020


Excellent Bill.  A bit dark, but honest and true.  From my earliest remembrances of the Holiday Season to now I've always been confused by how special people treat this time of year......because the lead up to Christmas is always spectacular.  But the SECOND Christmas is over.........everyone reverts right back to their old selves!  I always thought there would be a more natural slow decay of cheer and good will......but rather it just literally drops off a cliff.  That's always seemed odd to me.....and I guess it always will.  The way people can turn on and turn off decency, love and caring is a bit mind least for me.  And a bit scary.  

Thanks for the all rings so true.  




Hey Bob, right back atcha!



Hey Bob,

What a lovely thoughtful post. Thank you



Hi Lily,

  Yeah, that 22,000 number is an eye-catcher.  Even though "membership" means anyone who has ever registered (not paid) and once a memember it never ends, so that's the total number of folks who submitted their email address.  Not sure how long it's been around, if it doesn't mention it on the homepage some of the old timers on here can let us know.  All that being'd still think there would be more activity on here.  I assume many have either moved on to greener pastures, moved up (or down if they've been bad) and many just like to watch us entertain them.  But that's keeps it "quaint" and "homey"!  




Hi, Bob~

Yes, our "little group of regulars" are pretty tight!  : )



Hi Lily,

  What I should have ended that with was............"But that's keeps it "quaint" and "homey", and we'll take quality over quantity every time!"




Bob, I agree!  Next time!  : )



H-eh Bob. Thanks for the good thoughts. Hope all is well with you and yours. Just, K.

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