Na'Scent: Effective and Affordable Deodorizer?

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The forum discussion is about the effectiveness of the Na'Scent deodorizer for ostomy bags, with mixed opinions on its efficacy.

Have any of you tried this Na'Scent deodorizer that this site is advertising? I thought it was something new but in checking it out, it has been out for a while. The cost they have seems to be better than on some other sites. Best wishes and stay safe.

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I haven't seen that advertised here. What company makes it?
I always have used the Coloplast Brava deodorant/lubricant...but I just requested these tabs samples from Convatec. It's a tablet that makes liquid of an ileostomy person turn into a gel and it claims it's a deodorizer as well. I'll have to look up what you are saying. Can they send you samples to try first?

Good luck... keep us posted if you try it, Ritz

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Yes from Bullen I've had samples of it. It's okay, but wouldn't say it's anything special. But sure, lots like it and you probably will too.

Just my view, I'm set in my ways. Lol, I don't use any deodorizer in my bag. I just like to try everything.



I never tried those but I tried so many things for so long and nothing really seems to work. I gave up and just deal with it. If I am out, my handy homemade spray helps but nothing in the pouch. Let us know if you try it and it works.
Always a chance they will get it right on day! Lol



I continue to swear by good ol' cheap baking powder.  Just dip a bit in with a flat pouch clip after emptying and, as far as i can tell, that handles any odor.

**Note added:  As Lovely says below, I meant to say baking SODA, not baking powder.  Sorry.


I had not heard of baking powder, but I did read in the Ostomy Tips Book under collections that baking soda would absorb the odor in the bag. I knew putting an open box of baking soda in the fridge and one in the freezer would absorb odors. I just never thought about using it in my bag. May have to try it. Best wishes and stay safe.


Sorry, I always get baking powder and baking soda confused.  Thanks, Lovely, for correcting me.


I was not trying to correct you. Sorry if you took it that way. There is both baking soda and baking powder. I just figured you had tried the baking powder. Best wishes and stay safe.


Ladies, I buy it regularly from the site. It is by far the best deodorizer product out there. So much cheaper than my Ins copay. They are having a 23% off sale right now. I always stock up when this happens. Check them out for sure, and I believe they will send you a free sample. Beth


I tried the Na'Scent. I got 2 sample bottles. They wanted me to pay shipping which was about $2. I sent them an email back saying I'd be glad to sample their product but I won't pay for shipping. They sent me the 2 sample bottles and I've gone through almost 1 of them so far. In my opinion, the stuff is worthless, I won't be buying any.

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