Ostomy Memories 2nd Vaccine Dose

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IT TOOK ONLY 29 MINUTES from when we pulled into the line until we were released after a fifteen-minute wait following our vaccine shots. The line moved along steadily and it wasn’t very long. Health Dept. staff checked us out as we progressed along in our car, confirmed our ID and that we had appointments and that we were there at the scheduled time. All the paperwork got handled, we progressed to the station where the vaccine was being distributed, and we got our second Moderna dose. “You may have soreness in your arm, or fatigue, or low-grade fever,” said the paramedic. “Just take some Tylenol.” It has now been thirteen hours since the shot and I feel none of those reactions. Supposedly, we are not now immune from Covid but, should we get it, it will not be as serious or as lethal. I feel as if my chances of celebrating my 79th birthday later this year have just improved. It’s great to be old, have a bristling white beard, and walk around in worn clothing. Now I’m going to put on my best coat and go out into the 35-degree cold for a long walk. “If winter comes,” wrote Shelley, “can spring be far behind?”

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Hi Henry,Glad to hear the vaccine experience went well and you are all done. Stay well. Penguins7

Living with Your Ostomy | Hollister

Glad everything went well for you. Best wishes and stay safe


Congrats on the relief and release you must now feel. (By the way, your pic writing style, I would see you as recently retired--not 79!). Youth, almost all in the mind.


From Toby Keith's song "Don't Let the Old Man In":  "Ask yourself how old you'd be / if you didn't know the day you were born." 

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