Flare risk with COVID vaccine?

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The forum discussion is about individuals with IBD discussing their experiences with different COVID-19 vaccines and the potential for flares after vaccination.

Has anyone with IBD in remission experienced a flare after receiving a vaccine? My GI team suggested I go for the J&J because they were seeing flares after mRNA shots. Coveting the higher efficacy of the others.. What's your experience?

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I have Crohn's and had a flare after the first vaccine, but not the second one.

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Thanks. I also have Crohn's. Hope you are feeling better.  


I have CD, I had no symptoms after the first Moderna shot. I had fever, chills, and joint pain for 48 hours or so after the second shot, but my GI symptoms were stable after both.




Hey forever,

My CD is in remission... or there's just no bowel left for it to come back to... but I got the J J shot early Sunday and NO side effects whatsoever. My arm wasn't even sore. In terms of efficacy... the J J is 100% effective at preventing hospitalization and death if you get the virus (which is really all I care about)... and is only one shot. Plus around here is more widely available... to the point of being walk-in to get it at any CVS or Walgreens.

Oh, if you're taking Humira... I've been told by my Gastro to get the shot either 2 days after injecting... or 2 days before injecting.




I got the J&J too! It was easy with no side effects! 


Everybody in my family has gotten the 2-shot, either Pfizer or Moderna, with very similar side effects after the second shot - fever, listlessness, very mild nausea (stomach just didn't feel good, but no vomiting or diarrhea). But in all cases, the effects lasted only 1 day and then we all bounced back to normal the next day. Ostomy or no, seemed to make no difference. Mine was from cancer and a perforated colon, not IBD or Crohn's, though.


I wouldn't know, I'll never take the "vaccine"

Reply to Newbie Dana

I had absolutely no reaction to the vaccine. I got my first flu shot this year and did well other than an aching arm the next day. I'm quadruple vaxxed at this point but still wearing a mask. I'm amazed that so many people have just decided that the pandemic is over and are acting accordingly. The is my 3rd year (so far) not getting a cold or the flu, let alone Covid, and I intend to keep it that way. Regards.

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