Gas shortage on the East Coast: Anyone else experiencing this nightmare?


Hi all,

So, living on the East Coast is a bonus most times, but due to the cybercrime on the Colonial Pipeline, there is no gas to be had here. Not sure about the rest of the states on the East Coast, but I was lucky to be able to fill up last night. Normally, I would not have gone out in my car, but I met my husband for dinner, so afterwards, seeing I only had 40 or so miles on the tank, I decided to get gas. I usually go to Sam's. It is always the cheapest but decided to whip in Walmart's Murphy Gas station. All the pumps were bagged with no gas!
I went to a little Exxon owned by Ma and Pa on the way home and was lucky to pull right up and fill up. It was the priciest place in town, but who cares at this point, right?
I am hearing there are fewer places today and they have long lines. The prices are already over a dollar more than they were this time last year, and now none to be had. So the next issue is the availability of drivers. Apparently, there is a shortage of CDL drivers as well, so if the pipeline gets back on line by the end of the week, they may not have anyone to deliver the gas!
Anyone else living this hell? Sad that those who want to work won't be able to buy gas to get there! Sad world we have here! And the terrorists say they did not mean to make problems, they just wanted to get money. Well, guess they missed this one!
What are your thoughts?



As usual, Pup, my thoughts are very similar to yours.  In my attempt to find some good in everything, the virus is keeping us close to home, both tanks are filled and we shouldn't need any gas for a while.  So should I be thankful that because of Covid I won't need to spend 5 dollars a gallon to get to the restaurants, casinos, church or just a ride to the shore or just admit that I must be at least somewhat insane to attempt to find anything good about the virus.  Maybe I should just be thankful I'm so freakin' old I won't have to put up with all the crap for a long time.  Well, that's kinda nuts too.

Stay safe, stay well,


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Guess we can say one thing for retirement, we really don't need to go too many places. A grocery store run is in my near future. Guess I will combine that stop with the doctor visit.
I was wondering what product the stampede will be on this week. Last week, it was ketchup! Gas this week! Cannot wait till next week!
Stay safe my friend,



Pup, here are the things they say there is a shortage on now.

Chicken, lumber, microchips, gas, steel, metals, chlorine, and ketchup packets: What do they all have in common? They're all (nearly) impossible to find. I went to BoJangles last week, and they had a sign at the drive-through that they were out of chicken sandwiches. Here is a site that talks about all of them.


Hello all,

Here in California, gas prices are up!! Almost $5.00 a gallon for regular, and the higher octane costs even more. You can still find chicken, but I know shortages will come my way too, and every state will suffer from different shortages. But for sure, gas will be in short supply for everyone. Everything will cost more.

In my home, we all work and all drive, so it will be hard with the shortage. My son is an essential worker, and he is worried. He said he wants to get gas carriers so we can have them here at home. Hmmm, not sure about that.

Does anyone remember the gas shortage in the mid-70s? I was about 9 or so. Here, we had odd and even days to get gas depending on the last number of our license plates, and I remember very long lines, waiting for an hour just to get gas. It was craziness. And if I remember correctly, gas cost $1.50 back then. Lol

I saw a picture that had people at a gas station filling those red gas holders. The caption said, "In 2020, it was toilet paper, and in 2021, it is gasoline."

I hope nothing drastic happens. I think we have all had our fair share with this COVID-19 nightmare. Either way, things will never be the same again.

Take care, all. Be safe.

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You are lucky BoJangles was open at all. My husband worked for them as a franchise business consultant. He was there for 18 years. Labor is so hard to get because they are sending the checks to the house as a reward to stay home. One of his old managers called him the other day to say he was the only one that showed up for work one day a few weeks ago. It always happens around tax time and now from stimulus checks. They all think they are 100 millionaires and don't have to work once they have that money in their pocket. When it runs out, they want to come back and because there is no one else, they let them. SAD! They make more money staying home these days! nbsp


I heard they were going to stop sending out the unemployment checks because it is causing a shortage of people to hire. It is a sad situation. Best wishes and stay safe.


Covid-19 relief payments through unemployment benefits. Some states are stopping these types of payments and others are not sure. The president approved extended monies for this.

I don't agree with them stopping payment in some cases. It will take time for businesses to go back to 100%. According to CDC guidelines, people can be at restaurants and at jobs. A lot of companies closed, big ones to small mom and pop shops, that didn't survive the Covid-19.

What was said by some states that are ending this payment in their states was that people would not go back to work because they will be paid about $1,200.00! I don't think that is true in most cases.

Things are craziness at its best.

Take care all


I think dementia is creeping up on me slowly. After reading Puppyluv's and Lovely's comments on the gas shortage, I thought, "Oh God! There are a lot of cars running on CNG (compressed natural gas) in America these days." Then enlightenment dawned slowly, it wasn't gas they were talking about but petrol! That is what it's called in England and since they taught us English, that is what it is called here too, and in some other countries they paid a long visit to. Gas/petrol, petrol/gas! They drive on the wrong side of the road also, the left side. Phew!


Yes, lovely,

I have seen the shelves empty at the store for the individual items as well as the cost of housing due to lumber.

It is just crazy and time for our nation to go back to work! 

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