Hot Body Hack: Target Parking Lot Workout!


How to Have a Smokin' Hot Body

1. Have a Body

2. Go to Arizona

3. Walk from Target to your car in the parking lot!!!
Hotter than hot for all body types, instantly

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In the triple digits!! I get to have a lukewarm body here in Sunny Marin County... lol... up around 80 today. Perfect weather for my tomato plants and pepper... yum yum.

Try not to burst into flames!! Have fun

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Hi Ritz,

Like the song goes: "When you're hot, you're hot."


Hey Ritz

Can you send a few rays over to the UK please just for a change it's bloody raining here. Lol XX


Hi Ritz, we here on the southwest coast of Canada, just came out of a "heat dome". Ever notice they have all these fancy new weather-related expressions that we never used to have? Anyway, we were 42 to 42°C, or 107 to 113°F for you Americans, but a small town in our interior posted 49°C, or over 120°F, and was the hottest place in North America for three days in a row! What is happening? That same small town, Lytton, just burned to the ground two days ago from a fast-moving forest fire. A very scary situation.

Today is a balmy 35°C or 95°F, no complaints.


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We are so dry and running out of water here. We get excited just to have a few sprinkles...which rarely happens. I'll send the sun while you send us rain...please.


Stay hydrated.



I don't know what's going on in Michigan¡

Since the beginning of spring, we've had extreme heat, temps dipping down to the 30's, rain, and flooding. We're getting some of everything and it's still weird.



Hi Ritz

Yes, I will gladly send some over to you. Sounds like you need it most. Just thought I'd let you know we are just in the middle of a thunderstorm. Never rains, it pours as they say. Keep safe and keep smiling, my friend. XX


I live in Phoenix, I know exactly what you're talking about!!

Newbie Dana

I used to live in southern Louisiana. Never got as hot as Arizona et al, but the humidity always hovered around 85-90 along with the 85-90 degree days - solidly, every day from May through October! Even early in the morning, walking out to the mailbox and back caused your body to be drenched in sweat. But sweating never did any good, because it couldn't evaporate in the humidity! I'm so glad I live in Kentucky now.

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Hi Ritz and all the gang. Reading your collective posts, it becomes even more clear why so many people want to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We get the high temps, 70-80, but the heat draws in the ocean air over the coastal hills. The seawater is very cold and airflow over the cold water means that the fog rolls over the hills every afternoon and turns on the "Air Conditioner" for us. Every morning, the deck is very wet, like it rained but no, just the overnight fog. There can be a 40-degree difference between AM and PM. I lived in an area of SF called "The Sunset" (guess why the name). I could stand at my door needing a winter coat, and on the next block, it could be 30 degrees hotter, a block away!! The fog is like a white/grey wall across the road. One side can be 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and across the street, 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Some days going to the city, you have to bring a change of clothes...winter clothes. A wise man once said, "The coldest winter I ever felt was a summer in San Francisco," he got it right. If you come to see our lively city, pack winter and summer clothes!! No rain, just cold fog. Anyplace outside city limits will be 80 and up. This is such an amazing and fascinating part of our world. Eamon

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