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Black discharge sitting on the pot 😳 ??

Sun Sep 05, 2021 1:13 pm

So, today my stomach was hurting pretty bad. It felt like i had to go #2 really bad ..i mean i had that feeling in my Rectum like i was gonna poop, like i had to poop! 😳..but, that's impossible right? ..i was like Screw it and sat on the pot ..seriously, stuff started coming out Not a ton but not a little but either it was black and had a weird odor to it..when i finished i felt much better ... WTF? Is going on ..please ...i am sitting here debating on trying to call the Dr. or something ..but i feel fine .🤷🏾‍♂️

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Mon Sep 06, 2021 1:40 am

Hello T-Spoon.

In your post you do not specify when you had your stoma. Your symptoms seem typical of the healing process after a relatively new operation. Where the rectum is healing and the blood and mucus have been accumulating in the anal sack, it eventually comes out as you described. After the 'black-stuff', I had many months of discharge of old accumulated mucus which was all sorts of colours and smells. Eventually, I overcame the pain of this by anal irrigation (which I would not recommend to anyone without consulting a medic first). Once the programme of anal irrigation was complete, I ended up with a manageable amount of regular discharge of clear non-smelling mucus. This has never ceased and is simply now an ongoing part of my management programme.

If in doubt - consult the medics! (preferably a knowlegeable stoma nurse) 

Best wishes


Wed Sep 08, 2021 12:53 am

Hi, T~

I agree with Bill:  What's going on is either part of "your new normal" or it is something to be addressed by your surgeon and/or GI doc.

It can't hurt to see your physician who can check under your hood and determine if something is wrong...or can tell you that all is okay, and ease your mind.

I had my end ileostomy with proctocolectomy in August 2017. Afterwards, I also had a good deal of pressure created by a buildup of mucus.  The anal discharge was either a light, opaque yellow or more clear.  The only time it was different was when during the healing process of having my rectum removed the B-shaped, titanium capillary clips applied by my surgeon came off one or more capillaries and were expelled through the anus along with just a little RED blood and some of the previously mentioned discharge.  Never was anything "black" or even dark-ish.  (I had more discharge right after my surgery, and it did lessen over time.  I think the 30+ titanium clips - that I know of - were physically irritating to the anal mucoid tisses, and the tissues created more mucus to help "flush out" the irritants.  I compare it to getting pollen into the sinuses - mucus is created to help flush that irritant out, too.)

However, we're all different.

I hope you can find out what's going on to help reduce your concerns.  And, please, let us know if you do!

Be Well/Better!


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