Protein boost drink causing output stoppage - need advice


Have an ileostomy. First time experiencing stoppage of output from having a protein boost drink. Has anyone had the same experience? I'm drinking hot decaffeinated tea, cranberry juice, and plenty of water with electrolytes to get things moving again. Any other suggestions?


If I need to get things running, I turn to milk products.  Passes thru me like fat through a goose.

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Some suggest Coke or other fizzy drink.

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Yes, definitely milk products and soda for carbonation. Works every time.


Hi Riva,

It's been a few days now, sorry for chiming in late...........but I'm curious how you made out. Getting an intestinal blockage of any sort from a liquid just doesn't make a lot of sense normally. Not saying it didn't happen, of course, but the physics of it are a bit hard to imagine. When you did start flowing again..........what came out? Digestion of different things take different amounts of time, so I'd hope you passed a chunk of something you ate earlier, and it really wasn't the Boost. If it was the Boost, I'd summize you have a restricted section of bowel to start and something in the Boost caused some inflammation in that area to close it down completely. But without some physical issue with your plumbing....think adhesions, a twisted bowel, scar tissue,'s just really hard for a liquid anything to cause a blockage. So I hope you'll share your end's something we don't normally hear about, and something I personally have never really heard happen.





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Morning Riva...I as well am an ileo hun and for me it's coffee or soda to really get things moving.....I drink Ensure during the day, it has never affected it.. .make sure you're salting your food as well as us ileos lose sodium faster than non ileo and we need to replace it...recommended is at least 2 tablespoons of salt per day....relax on breads, pastas, and bananas until you're moving's also normal not to have output for a few hours, just means you're processing and getting all nutrients etc...


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