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Ostomy Memories of Donuts


LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO NOT EAT DONUTS (in Old English: doughnuts). Yet I resist, I resist with all my might. It's not fair that such pleasure should be so bad for you. Driving home from the gym, where I turn left to get home, if I just went a half mile further up the highway, there is a wonderful donut/ice cream shop there. I have been in there two or three times, days when my defenses were destroyed by the dream of a key lime jelly donut. The selection is top notch, the variety essentially screams out at you from the glass front cases, PICK ME, PICK ME! The obscene display of caloric cacophony can push a sane person into a frenzy. Reasonable people, faced with such circular wonders, can become psychopathic with mouth-watering desire. Even now, writing this post, I imagine the indulgent gratification of cinnamon sugar in my whiskers, the sweet, melt-in-your-mouth cake donut crumbling in complete surrender to my palate. Oh, how unfair it all is, how cruel to have such delicious wonders only blocks away, ready to please me beyond imagining, beyond even the demonic donut fantasy that I entertained just yesterday, or maybe the day before yesterday. Where're my car keys?

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Hello HenryM. 

Another mouthwatering post, which brought back my own childhood memories of when my mother used to work at a local bakery . It was her job to syringe jam into the middle of them and one of the perks was that when her children came around, they would each get one to 'taste'.  they were straight out of the oven, still hot and juicy, with far too much sugar dripping off the outsides. 

Possibly the best bit, was to lick the jam and sugar off my fingers afterwards. I still salivate at the memory, but now know better than to indulge in such activities.

'Life is too short to not eat doughnuts but 'life is shortened by eating too many!' 

Best wishes



Yummmmm...  Off to NYC   from  DC  today . I need a New York  Jewish Deli Sandwich ....the Best  in the world  with a giant pickle .  A tie for first place is the gigantic italian Deli   Hero /  Sub ...because it could feed a whole submarine of Sailors ...or because it's as big as a small Submarine stuffed with Ham, Pastrami , cheese , shredded lettuice , flooded with balsamic binegar dressing  Double Yummm ☘ they will feed you for two days  !!!  Nathan's  Hot Dog from  a street cart in Central Park with Giants looking overhead or sitting in Square watching yourself on the Giant Jumbotron vides screen  people standing in front waving to the world on the Times Square web camera .  A very nice spot to pele watch is the trianhle plaza  beside the Flatiron building a huge wedge slice of Christmas Cake . 

Back later  Eamon . ☘

Reply to Bill

There's got to be a moral to all this, Bill, but I don't want to go there.  :)


Sorry about typos ...I'm a night person but was up before 6 to get ready for the road

Time's Square 


Hi guys i can walk 2 blocks to my right or to my left and there is mom and pop bakeries one is known for their coffee and tje other for their pasties (pass-tees) not the kind on dancers but i digress, the heavenly odors when you walk in the door makes your mouth water and your wallet lempty.


You have me salivating Henry! Don't feel guilty about the odd key lime jelly indulgence Henry.  Think of all the healthy things you do to counteract those donuts!  

I have a sweet tooth and chocolate is my biggest weakness.  Trying to deprive myself just doesn't work, not for long anyway.  I have a small portion, just a couple of small squares of dark chocolate, on a regular basis, and this seems to stave off my worst cravings.  The best piece of news I ever received was when they announced that dark chocolate was actually good for you.  And please, don't anyone tell me this is "fake news".  I don't want to hear it!


Reply to delgrl525

Unfortunately, I've never been able to develop a taste for dark chocolate.  Milk chocolate, on the other hand, well....  I can eat my way through one of those cartons of malted milk balls faster than Joey Chesnut demolishes hot dogs.


Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts  was always my favorite. Unfortunately there is not a shop within 40 miles of me. My sister and brother inlaw who used to live in Charleston used to get them for me every time I would visit or they came up here to see me. They both have  passed away and I miss them so much and It has been a long time since I have had any of the Krispy Kreme brand. I never was to fond of the filled ones.

Reply to lovely

Fortunately, there are enough different varieties of this wondrous treat to satisfy every taste.  Next time I'm up your way, Lovely, I'll bring you some Krispy Kremes.


Yummmmm... now I am craving a donut for breakfast . My hips will be sure to thank you bill ( not ! )

Reply to HenryM

I had to work at it Henry.  I was a milk chocoholic, and wasn't too keen on the dark stuff either.  Now, I actually prefer dark and find milk doesn't have enough real chocolate flavour and is too sweet! 

Reply to HenryM

Hi HenryM, that would be very nice but I forgot to mention I have since developed diabetes so i have to give up some things I love. 

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