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Just wondering if there is any place you might want to go before you die. There are 3 places on my bucket list.

1) Hawaii

2) Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

3) Ireland

Where is the one place you want to go?


Hello tiff.
I used to have places on my bucket list but they have all been achieved and I now have no more places that I wish to visit before I die.
However, my bucket list is not empty because now it has things I 'wish' to 'do', continue, or complete.
Top of my list is to finish writing the books that I started last year. For some time now (because of my age and infirmity), I wonder if I will reach the end of my latest literary effort before I die. Each book seems to be an investment ‘gamble’, and I am never sure if I will finish the work.
This sentiment has been expressed before in-verse so I will tak the opportunity of sharing this with you:
Best wishes


I can recall that in my past
each book I wrote would be my last.
In retrospect this was absurd
that I’d not write another word.

Although I tried with all my might
I always found it hard to write.
It would seem to take an age
for me to get to the last page.

But then I had the time to think
of what may lay beyond that brink.
What was all this writing for?
Could I, would I, write some more?

I’d hit a high but then feel low
and start to wonder where to go.
I could not bear to take a look
at starting on another book.

I’d nothing left in life to do
but search around for something new.
In my mind there was a tension
which brings things to my attention.

It must be just one of those things.
when suddenly a concept springs.
I often wonder if it’s fate
to find those things that motivate.

Reasons are not hard to find
for the things that spring to mind.
For all the things that stimulate
potentially can motivate.

So now I find I’m on my way
I’m back to writing every day.
It won’t be long before I look
to publishing another book.

                     B. Withers 2012
(In: A Rhyming Cookbook 2013)

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Australia to see the kangaroos...


New York at Christmas

Scotland for the New Year


Greenland for the Northern Lights


Sorry, got carried away there xx


Good places, everyone.

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Hi, I would like to go on a sleigh ride with two horses with bells that tingle. It is snowing big flakes all around, and there are beautiful trees frosted with the snow. It is a clear, cold night, and the stars are twinkling. The moon is sparkling on the snowy hill. I have soft blankets, and I snuggle in them. I can smell the snow, so crisp and clean. I take deep breaths to fill my mind and soul. I have a little bottle of cognac in my pocket and sugar cookies in my other pocket. All I can hear is the jingle of the hooves padding in the soft snow. Oh, my, I want to be there and to lie in a field of fragrant flowers. The flowers dance in the easy wind. I have someone, or maybe all the people, I love.

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You must be a writer. If not, you should be.


My first choice would be Fiji. Costa Rica has been praised for nature preservation. The army was disbanded and nature tourism became the main industry. I heard that it went well but can be dangerous outside cities.

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Ireland, Las Vegas, Italy - I can only dream, but you never know. Hope everyone gets to see a place on Earth they dream about. - Jackie Blake

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