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Ostomy Memories of John & Jane Doe

Fri Dec 03, 2021 3:44 am
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JOHN DOE AND JANE DOE ARE two aging historical figures who have remained anonymous for a long time. Their anonymity has generally stemmed from the seething pit of necessity compelled by circumstances unfriendly to the Does and beyond their control. They have remained otherwise nameless due to craven acts of criminality, or corporate greed, or military misadventure. The rape victim did not choose to be violated, nor did the unspecified citizens expect the integrity of their aquifer to be poisoned by toxic run-off, nor did the unknown soldier ever know for whom he was giving up his life. The unfortunate and age-old celebrity of the Does lies in their victimhood, their lack of identity, and the pernicious persistence of human malevolence. And it is due to the failings of that very humanity that the ill-fated couple remembered here, John & Jane Doe, will continue to re-suffer the same pain and shame on into the future.

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Fri Dec 03, 2021 7:42 am

Hello HenryM.

What a brilliant exposition

of the Doe's unique position.

I feel it must be overdue

to bring their story into view.

---Watch this space!

Best wishes


Fri Dec 03, 2021 10:18 am

Once again, I thank you HenryM, for providing me with subject matter supporting the victims of human behaviour which is suitable for rhyming exposition. 

Best wishes




Within this rhyme I hope to show
the stories of John and Jane Doe,
who’ve been the subjects for too long
of human beings doing wrong.

The stories of Jane and John Doe,
perhaps, is that we’ll never know
the true identities of them,
or catch their killers to condemn.

Most of the population know,
the fame and name - John and Jane Doe,
achieved their notoriety
as victims in society.

Some of these Doe’s, it has been shown
will never ever become known,
but they deserve a requiem
so people will remember them.

Thus, it will be no mystery
if they go down in history,
and receive the recognition
befitting to their last position.

Just like the unknown soldiers
eventually had some sculptures,
to commemorate their life
as well as death and all their strife.

For all those Doe’s that ever died,
I think it’s way-past time we tried
to build a plaque and list them all
and sink it into a big wall.

A fond farewell to John and Jane,
for though no longer in much pain,
they are deserving of respect,
for surely, that’s what we’d expect.

                                           B. Withers 2021

Fri Dec 03, 2021 4:38 pm

How lucky we MAO members are, to have such brilliance in prose (Henry) and poetry (Bill) in our midst. You two continue to impress me day after day!

Don't stop!



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