Is the general population getting smarter... or less smart?

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Hi Eamon, just watched "Don't Look Up", what a great flick! Bound to become a classic, I'd say. So, here's a question for you. As an American, do you think this movie will become political, like everything else in your country has become? In other words, will only the left appreciate the dark humor? Will this movie appeal to the right-wingers at all? I mean, you really can't ignore the metaphor of the approaching comet for the Covid-19 pandemic, and the wearing of the "Don't Look Up" hats, pretty clear what that's about! It seems to me that the creators went in playing to a certain audience and fully aware that half the population of the U.S. won't like it, or, being forewarned, just won't watch it.

I loved it!



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Henry, I'm afraid I have to side with Bob on one point here. I think Trump is a brilliant problem solver, evidenced by the fact that he is not currently incarcerated. He's figured out how to solve his own personal problems by insulating himself from the consequences of his actions. Look at how many of his friends, associates, and fixers have been charged, convicted, and served or are serving time, yet he continues to breathe free air. There is still hope that he will eventually be in jail, where he belongs, but I wouldn't bet on it.


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I think the population is dumber than a bag of hammers and madder than a bucket of hornets. The hope I see on the horizon is my 33 and 31-year-old kids and their many friends and co-workers. They have the right ideas. Minimalism, kindness to the less fortunate, getting old white men out of government, living healthy, etc. I wish I could live to be 150 so I could see the results of their actions. I'll watch from above.

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