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OSCAR WILDE ONCE SAID: “I can resist anything but temptation.” That was just one of his many wily observations about the human animal, and it was certainly one that applies to my inability to resist a certain category of food known generally as SNACKS, one of those magical words that can act as either a noun or a verb. He loves to eat snacks (noun). He snacks (verb) all the time. I had a Jewish roommate in college who used the word NOSH as a synonym, also both a noun or a verb. Chips, pretzels, popcorn, candy, bakery goodies…an endless list of tempting things to continuously be stuffing in your mouth to satisfy your unique oral fixation. No wonder my daily walking regimen isn’t taking any pounds off. “The only way to deal with temptation,” Wilde admitted, “is to yield to it.” He famously did, and went to jail (gaol) for it. I marvel at the fact that I had the will power to stop smoking cigarettes cold turkey back in 1977, yet I can’t bring that same strength to bear upon my constant snacking. I have the good fortune (or, in this context, misfortune) to be married to a marvelous baker. I just had some of her orange pumpkin cake with cereal for breakfast. Well, there were a couple of eggs in the recipe…


A bit of good and a bit of bad does you good Henry. You know a lady in the UK celebrated her 102 birthday. She was asked how she continues to be in good health and exercise 15 minutes on exercise bike. Her simple answer was eat what I want when I want I have whiskey in my tea at night and a cigar at Xmas. So you see were doing it all wrong lol XX

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Hi Caz i like the part about whiskey in the tea, i usally put a splash in my coffee.

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I did used to like the odd glass of Glenfiddich with my dad on special occasions which at the time seemed to be every month lol XX


Hello HenryM.

I suppose I am lucky to have married someone that doesn't cook and has no intentions of starting. However, that doesn't seem to stop us both snacking. 

Best wishes


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I always liked Glenfiddich, and also Laphroig.  Both peaty scotches.


I like snacks also. What I find helps me because I have sugar is not cut them out all together. Just cut the amount of them you eat.


Yes Henry, I too gave up the cancer sticks cold turkey in May 1983.

Surprisingly easily...I was so proud of myself.

I especially remember how well I felt the next morning after a cigarette free night "on the gas".

However, many fail repeatedly in their endeavour to go smoke free.

That's why this quote from that well known modern day American philosopher Homer J. Simpson is fitting.

"Cold turkey isn't as delicious as it sounds"

Keep well.



I love your rationalization!I remember thinking I didn't need to feel too guilty about eating a piece of carrot cake (one of my favorite things) because it had eggs, carrots and pineapple in the recipe! Must be good for you, right!?

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Homer is right, of course.  But I believe cold turkey is the only way to effectively quit.  This gradual malarkey won't last.  You're either a smoker...or you're not.

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Glenmorange is a nice one along with bushmills xx

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