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Ostomy Memories of Willie Nelson


IS WILLIE NELSON STILL ALIVE? Apparently so. He'll turn 89 on April 29th, having been born in 1933 in Texas. Notwithstanding that I listen to classical music almost exclusively, I will often deviate into Willie Nelson, even though I generally dislike the country sound. Twang, twang, I been flushed from the bathroom of your heart. Twang. I especially like his IRS TAPES, the music he wrote to make money to pay off his huge IRS debt. It's just Willie singing his songs and strumming his guitar, with no backup. Great stuff. Released in 1992, “Who'll Buy My Memories” features 25 tracks, mostly new songs, a few others. Probably none of them rise to the platinum level of “On the Road Again” or “Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys.” But the musicianship is marvelous and classic Willie Nelson. So I'm hoping ol' Willie is doing okay and, as Toby Keith would say, not lettin' the old man in.

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I don't usually listen to country music but Willie might be the exception. LOL

Love Whalen, Willie & the Boys. ❤️ Not so much Kris, but definiely Johnny Cash!


Any Jazz mates present? My classic faves are Eddie Daniels and Buddy de Franco, but my likes are very broad. 


Willie is great!

Love jazz a lot. Love all kind of music too!



I used to like Willie.


Hi Henry,  I'm sure some would consider it sacrilege, but I've never been a really big Willie fan.  I absolutely recognize his musicianship and great talent for songwriting, but I've always found his voice a little too nasal for my taste.  His son Lucas is a very talented guy, and although he sounds a lot like his dad, I like his voice.  He's easy on the eyes too!  I'm not a big country fan, but there are a few I really like, Steve Earle is great, and as for the new country guys, Chris Stapleton is very good.  I know what you mean about the super twangy "crying so hard in my beer that I've fallen off the barstool" stuff.  Not really my cup of tea!


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