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Ostomy Memories of Skin Cancer


I SUPPOSE I HAD IT COMING, having lived my life in Florida (the Sunshine State) with a fourteen-year sojourn in Utah. This week I had to have skin cancer excised from two places: arm and top of my bald head. I've always tried to wear a hat while outside in the sun, but there are going to be days that you miss, from simple sloth or ineptitude. So I had what's called micrographic surgery under local anesthetic. They have a lab on premises so that they can test it to make sure that they got it all. Then they closed it up. Few things are as gawd-awful looking as stitches, now that I'm past the stage where it was bandaged and having to treat it myself a couple of times per day. It was when he was stitching up my head that I felt the most discomfort, as he was pulling my scalp so tight that I suspect my ears may have risen an inch on each side of my noggin. But I'm healing, although at the moment I look like I just did battle with a very hard inanimate object…and lost. It only hurts when I raise my eyebrows.

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Sending you lots of good vides to spead up your healing. 🙏


Come on Henry tell the battled 5 drunken guys to defend a lady's honor. 😉 


I hope all goes well for you.

Best wishes


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Actually, I battled five drunken women to defend MY honor.  :)

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Atta boy. 😁


I hope you heal quickly Henry.  Look on the bright side, maybe you got a free facelift when the doc was pulling your scalp so tight to put the stitches in!



Thinking of you Henry and sending good vibes your way for a speedy recovery! Wear your sunscreen!



Henry I hope you have a speedy recovery and return to us with new stories to tell while you are getting a well earned rest. XX


I hope you have a speedy recovery

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