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HOODOOS ARE FANTASTICALLY SHAPED SANDSTONE REMNANTS in the American West. Some are pictured in my Photos. They form over long periods of time from sporadic, intensive rainfall erosion of steeply sloped but horizontally layered sedimentary rock. What’s left is a free-standing pinnacle, sometimes with an overhanging cap of resistant stone. Small versions are called goblins, in places like Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. Bryce Canyon National Park, not far from where I lived in southern Utah, is filled with hoodoos, one of which is so predominant that it has been given a name: Thor’s Hammer. In the attached photo, it is the tallest shape on the left side of the picture. The word HOODOO dates back at least into the mid-19th Century. In his ‘Specimen Days,’ Walt Whitman mentions his regret that he never got to see the hoodoo or goblin land. Since the odd shapes often appear as spirited forms, it’s not surprising that they have been named with a variant of voodoo. They can often seem malign, or whimsical, depending on their often irregular or massive appearance. They’re like specters out of dreams turned to stone.

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Wow, beautiful!

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I'm gonna have to start visiting some of those places that you have pictures of, quite beautiful. Got any of Pike's Peak or the mountains? As soon as I find a travel date, I'm headed there since I haven't been there since I was little.

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The sole reason I moved to Utah was how beautiful it is.  Five national parks, plus more.  I put Arches at the top of the list just outside Moab.  Zion is spectacular too.  Canyonlands is almost too much to handle b/c it's so huge.  Bryce Canyon is fantastic too; I went there multiple times.  You have to hike down into it to really appreciate it.  All are best during the winter, since there are way fewer tourists then.  If there's snow, it just adds to the beauty and gives extra definition to the rock.  Capitol Reef is the least interesting, altho' still a very attractive place. Never been to Pike's Peak.  Loved Yosemite.  Would liked to have gotten to Glacier Nat'l Park but never made it.


Thank you, Sir.

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That is spectacular, Henry, and thanks for all the extra info. Had planned a long road trip with Kitty and the kids in her dad's huge motorhome, but I still want to do it with her kids so this will help in the planning. Your photos are really beautiful.

There's a place in Turkey with a whole landscape of this type of erosion art called "The Anatolia Pinnacles" and Capadocciawhere, where people carved into the cliffs to create homes for themselves. Some are still occupied! I just saw a piece about a similar place in Iran. Probably lava flows over light sandstone. I'm a big fan of rocks and geology.

Have you ever seen pics of the Giant's Causeway in Antrim, Northern Ireland? Check it out. It's the hex columns of basalt, like The Devil's Tower in Wyoming. That is on my bucket list too. Down on the beaches where the columns erode evenly into a flat surface, it looks like a tiled floor made by some giant tile guy!! I've been there and will put up a pic or two.

Definitely have to get to Utah.

All the best, Eamon.

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So I guess the question is "travel date" as in vacation days or as in "companion"? If you mean companion...get those Nike shoes on and just do it! Waiting around to find someone is a waste of good time...who knows maybe that companion is out there sightseeing alone and in search of a companion...."There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path"...

Keep smilin'

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'Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.' John Lennon


Stunning photo, Henry, as are the others in your profile. Being in the presence of such magnificent structures must put things in perspective.

I hope you're keeping well.

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