Red Output after Drinking Cherry Punch Pedialyte - Blood or Just the Drink?

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New here and new to having an ileostomy. I have to drink Pedialyte (or Gatorade/Powerade) and I started drinking cherry punch Pedialyte with ice this evening and had a banana for a snack. My output looks red. Could it be blood? Or is it probably just from the drink? I have a ton of cherry popsicles I'd like to eat as well and they are super red, so I want to know whether to expect this or be concerned. Thanks so much.

**Thank you all so much for the info. I had a rough day. 2nd day home, alone, and my bag leaked. Rough go at changing my bag for the first time alone. Made for a super hard day all around. I am just mentally wiped right now. I'll thank you all individually tomorrow.


Hi Pixie!

Welcome to the ostomy club. I would imagine the red you're seeing is from your drink. Liquids process fairly quickly, and it's always a fun surprise to see the effect they have on output. You're pretty new to your ostomy journey, so be mindful of what your body is telling you. Do you have increased pain? A fever? Low output? These would all be reasons to communicate with your doctor. Your body is going to be doing a lot of healing right now. Get lots of rest, stay hydrated, and give yourself lots of grace. There will be plenty of humbling moments in your journey. I'm sending all the healing vibes your way.


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Cherry punch or cherry popsicles will definitely come out red in your output.  It happens to me every so often.  I eat blueberries regularly; my stool turns a dark blue/black.  If the only symptom you're experiencing is the color effect, I'd guess you're okay.  You should be able to eat most everything, but introduce new stuff into your diet in small amounts to see if it does alright.  Chew it up good.  Drink liquids (mainly water).  The only thing I avoid is pulpy fruit, like melon.  But I eat popcorn.  Everyone is different.  You'll have to experiment as you go.  You'll be fine.  Stay well.  HenryM

ron in mich

Hi Pixie, long time no lie. Ostomate here and the first time I saw what you saw freaked me out too. Like others said, if no pain or fever, you should be okay.

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Yep, it's the drinks that have your stools turn red. During my recovery time, I also drank red Gatorade. When the nurses came in to help with my changing, they were troubled that my waste was red and asked if I had any issues. The bad boy that I am, I told them yes, but eventually told them it was due to me drinking the Gatorade. The blue Gatorade will turn your waste a darker color as well. Even tea turns it brown, and soft drinks that are in dark colors will turn it near black. 11 years down the road and it still happens. As it goes in, it comes out. Hope this eases your anxiety a bit.

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I second that. Red drinks will definitely turn your output red. When I was in the hospital, they would not give me red Gatorade because they claimed the red dye is not good for us, so they gave me purple Gatorade. Sad to say, my poop was not purple. Mike


Other things will turn your output red. The first time I ate beets, I panicked, until I realized what I had eaten. Whenever you have different colors, think about what you ate. Many different foods will do that, and it's always fun to see what comes out. Another group I'm on and I try to figure out how we can make red and green stripes at Christmas!

With peace, Anyark


Greetings from Mike in Lakewood, Ohio. My guess is the red color is from the red coloring or red dye in your drink.

Don't be too hard on yourself should you experience leaks or other issues in managing your ostomy.

I assure you that managing your ostomy will become much easier within the very near future.

It's quite common to experience leaks and other issues early on. Just take one day at a time.


Yes, it's most likely the drink! It can be scary sometimes if you forget that you ate something red. Licorice does that for me too! Your output will change in appearance based on what you eat or drink. It changes color and consistency a lot.

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First time I had beetroot after ileostomy, I thought just like you, 'aaagh it's blood,' but after the initial panic, I realized it was just beetroot juice. It's amazing how fast it goes through you to get into that bag.

Best wishes for life with an ileostomy. This site makes it easier to deal with for sure. Thanks everyone for the help and comfort you have given me.


I ate a package of cherry licorice and thought I was bleeding to death. LOL As others have said, you're going to learn a lot more than you ever wanted to know about how what you consume becomes in your shortened plumbing.

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Real and very nasty stuff!


If you're really worried, quit eating anything red and see what happens!


I don't remember writing this


Does anybody else?

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Howdy and welcome mate....hunny more than likely it is the cherry punch.... I recently had a huge scare got myself a cherry ice slushy hours later I dumped red 3 times later same thinking blood hubby ready to do hospital run and he figured out the red dye didn't process and came out the stoma he was right.... no more red drinks for me lol...

Homie With A Stomie NS
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Can't wait to try popcorn. Yummy!

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