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Ipad trouble


Anyone having trouble with their Ipad on here? I am on the computer but on my Ipad I can not reply to posts or start a new post. Contacted them but not solved yet.

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To answer your question…yes, I too have a few issues with this site on my I-pad….some days I can not see replies and some days I can…I figured it was just my “pilot error” but relieved to hear it’s not only me….


It must be all the 'i' stuff. LOL I know of at least 4 people who cannot upload pics or videos here from their iPhones.


I use an IPad and am too unaware to know if I am missing anything. Works for me. I did just try to upload a picture from my library to this post and got an error 400. So I add photos to my profile, not to posts. 

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