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Ostomy Memories of Chicken Feathers

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Hi Sally,  When I was in my early twenties, and still a big meat eater, my ex and I lived out in the country for a couple of winters.  He decided to try to get us a deer when hunting season came.  He was successful and came home with the thing, then followed instructions from his dad about butchering, etc.  Just seeing the poor thing lying there dead made me feel sick and sad. It had to hang for a few days in one of the out buildings, then he skinned it and the two of us proceeded to butcher it up.  It was a HORRIBLE job, and the smell of it stayed with me for  ages afterwards.  I was so sickened by the experience,  I told him that I wasn't going to eat one morsel of that poor creature.  It was all packaged and kept frozen in a friend's deep freeze, so it was a week or so before he decided to cook one of the steaks.  The smell was incredible, in a good way, and he raved about it, saying it was the best meat he'd ever tasted, etc.  I am ashamed to say that I caved, and enjoyed every bite of that poor deer.  I don't eat red meat anymore, but I do still like my chicken!


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Hi Terry,

I don't like deer meat...but love a bit of moose meat once a year. I too no longer eat red meat (except prev mentioned), but I do eat chicken. 😀 Not so sure I would eat them if I had to kill them myself though. 😬

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YUK...!!!!  Rom Com !!  Never !!   Well maybe once , that's how much I Loved Kitty. Pierce Brosnan singing  was a challenge for me ( got the ear plugs ) ...Mama Mia , the movie .  I just let myself go and was forced to sing along was a lot of fun actually !!  


Love Mama Mia! 🥰 They did it as a high school play here one year and my daughter played in it! It was so much fun! 


Well let's see . Freida for the famous Freida Kahlo to encompass your Artistic Talents .  Nancy for your rebellious and " killer instinct " side ever heard of Sid and  Nancy  .  You wouldn't want to push the Nancy connection too hard unless you have all the Tatoos and Rings in your Bits to prove it ...LOL  👍

Eamon ☘💚



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I toured with a small version of that show, I used to enjoy Abba, used to

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     I love your Sally. Don’t let these boys give you a hard time, especially using a scary movie. Sheesh. 🤦🏼‍♀️💕❤️🦩🌻

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     Mama Mia was one of my Mama’s favorite movies to put in for background noise. She rarely sat long enough to enjoy a movie, but liked the noise. My sis and I watched it again on the plane to Georgia. I’m sure people around us wondered why we were huddled up weeping on the 3 am flight. 😂

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Oh Rae what lovely memories of your Mama. ❤️


I used to spend my summers with my grandparents on their farm. My grandpa would go out to kill a chicken. I went out one day to watch him. He grabbed a chicken by the neck and wrung it's neck til the head popped off. Then threw it on the ground and that chicken was bouncing around for a few minute with no head. Believe me I never wanted to watch again. That was the way they did back in the day for only one or two at a time.

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Yep, I remember seeing this once as a child and sadly, you can NEVER unsee it !

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Hi Rae   , if I ever see that movie again I'll need a whole box of tissues  . All four of us singing along by the end was such a happy , funny  time .  I told Miss Kitty that she just might have  " turned me "  ...LOL ...I could actually watch all that silliness and enjoy it . I can still see Kitty's finger in my face as she laughed   hilariously  , telling me ,  " I told you !! I told you !!! " .  As Francesca and Aedan literally Rolled on the Floor Laughing  !! 🤗☘..     Eamon ☘

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Oh Yeaa ..!!  The night vision goggles were a real inspiration !! ...afraid of the dark ? You need a buddy !! 🙂

Eamon ☘


Don't forget Fluffy Teddy  Sally 🙂


You Girls are no fun at all ....that's why you need one of us Macho guys on each side with the Ladies in between for Protection .....whaddya think Bill ...up for a scary movie  Lol ☘😜



Our Nicknake for my beautiful Niece  Blaithi`n   "Blaw h een "   is   Bla  ( Pron:  Blaw ) . The  Bla  part means Flower ,  the  " i`n "   implies Small  .

So how about Bla....if you were a Flower what Flower / Plant would you be ?  ☘🙂




I would be a sunflower so I can stand tall and always find the sunlight. 🌻🥰

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Our grandson- now 30, as a 5 year old used to go & play with the kids at the poultry farm up the road

then one day eating his chicken dinner, he made the connection, saying “ is this chicken on my plate, the same as the chickens at the farm?” And has been vegetarian ever since 

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