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New icebreaker game!


So seeing as quite a few people want another icebreaker-type game, I thought long and hard … ok, maybe I just typed icebreaker questions into Google and scrolled and clicked on links until I found something and then thought, “duh? Why didn’t I think of this ages ago?” Anyway, how about something like a game of kiss, marry, kill. Let’s make it so that we have more than one gender in the options given so that no one feels left out. Famous people only, alive or dead, real or fictional, doesn’t matter. And like with Rae’s icebreaker game, the person who answers the last question has to come up with the next one. So, first up, and these are some pretty big names:

Kiss, marry, kill: Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Maggie Smith, Sir Michael Caine. 

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     Haha, I love your decision making play by play. Exactly how my brain works, lol. You weren’t kidding when you said you chose some big names! I’ll do my best. 😁

Kiss, Dame Maggie Smith. So much respect for the many roles she’s played. Marry,  Dame Helen Morten. I think I could listen to her stories all day long. Kill, Sir Michael Cane. His voice is amazing, but I could never compete with his true love. If I can’t have him nobody can. Bwahaha! 

Okay, I’m going to make it easier for folks newer to the game. Put the following in order to who you would Kiss, marry, or kill. Don’t forget reasons why. 😁

Aladdin, Cinderella, or Mickey Mouse. 


Kiss - Cinderella - poor thing has been through a lot

Marry - Aladdin - He does steal but only to survive. He has a good heart and often donates his stolen goods to those who are as poor, if not poorer than him. He is kind of like Robin Hood figure. A quality I admire.

Kill - Mickey Mouse – squeaky voice grates on my nerves! LOL

Put the following in order to who you would Kiss, marry, or kill. Don’t forget reasons why. 😁

David Bowie, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow


Darn I was hopeing I could name the people myself!!! Cuz IK for sure who I'd marry and Kill I'd have to think about kissing🤔

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Now you’re gonna leave me hanging on a Saturday night. 😩

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Kiss…Alanis, no option left really. Marry…Sheryl, she’s pretty damn hot. Kill….David, obviously I’m not gonna marry or kiss him, plus he’s already dead.   Ok, kiss/marry/kill and you can pick which gender you prefer….the Brady Bunch kids. 

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Lol ok ok I'll tell if its ok with the others🥰

Reply to Rose Bud 🌹

You’re the leader of BFAM, you just say it’s ok. 😁


TRUE WE DO WHAT WE WANT...LOL so if you must know....Kiss Alex( He's so sweet and it would make his Saturday night! 😁)  Marry Johnny Depp (He's been my long life husband since I was 6 cant help it 🥰😍😛) AND KILL Amber Heard! Do I need to explain why? 🤔

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Go Rosebud! Great choices! I’ve had a mad crush on Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco from 21 Jumpstreet days. ❤️

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Yes! I couldn’t agree more! Cinderella has been through a lot. 😂 Poor girl! ❤️

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Oh wow, I got kissed, hot damn. 😍 


😘😘😘😘 just dont tell my husband 🤣

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     I definitely would have married Alanis. Sheryl is hot, but Alanis is iconic. ❤️

     Okay Brady bunch kids.. Kiss Greg, he was always a sweetie. Marry Alice. I know she’s not technically one of the kids, but she’s literally the only choice. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’d kill all the girls. Between the “problems”, breathy voices, whining, and the lisp. Nope, they’re all going. 💁🏼‍♀️

     Okay, kiss, marry, or kill: Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Drew Barrymore. Good luck!

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Before I go take a cold shower, are those kisses on the lips? 🙏🏻


Lol if it makes your night why not 💋

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I’ll be back in a bit..  🛀🥶

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Ok so I'd kiss Julia Roberts ( Does a look alike count? 😲So much for college years 🤣) Marry Sandra Bullock (She's a Bad Ass need I say more☠) And Kill Drew her voice irritates me 🤬

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Drew is as annoying AF. 🤮

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Looks like Alex won't be back for a while 😏

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Well, that was refreshing. However, I now have FBA, thanks RoseBud🌹. It’s a first for me and I’ll guess for you too. 😘


Ok im a little slow tonight love what's FBA?

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If you knew what it was, I’d be shocked since I just made it up after my cold shower.  😂 FBA…..Frost Bit Ass. Ya ever give that to a guy? 🤭😁 


LMAO 🤣 If i have ive never been told about it! Maybe BLUE b's  once or twice But thanks I'll take it as a compliment ☺

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LOL. It was a compliment. By the way you kiss, your husband is a lucky man to wake up next to you every day. 😀🤗


Awwe yeah too bad he hasnt waken up to me in almost 2yrs 🙄

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Well, he should. 😘 now, back to who are we kissing,marrying,and killing?


Since I slightly derailed this thread…..Kiss/Marry/Kill. Elton John, Bob Denver, Richard Simmons. 😁

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