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I just joined today.  I've had a colostomy since June 5th, 2019.  I'm considering irrigation and wondering if there is anybody else on here that does that.

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Welcome John! This forum is awesome with lots of helpful people. 😊

I do believe there are a few folks on here who do irrigation and I'm sure they will be along shortly to share their expertise with you. You can can also do a search in the forum for past posts. Good luck! 


Irrigation is a great tool to manage your ostomy. If you qualify I suggest that you try it, should you decide to I would be glad to help you get started. 


Welcome aboard, John. I do not know anything about irrigation as I have an illeostomy. However, I wish you terrific luck if you are going back to the dating scene. It’s … difficult. Drop me a line if you’d like to discuss it further. Cheers!  

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Hello and thank you for the welcome.  After I made my post, I saw the search bar and have been able to access lots of great info. :)

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Thanks for your message.  I will confirm with my surgeon end of June.  Fingers crossed.  Seems like it will be a life changer.  

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