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😂 🤣

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That is one of my absolute favorite looney toons skits ever. I just love you that much more! 🥰

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     I will gladly come and throat punch anyone being mean to you. You have every right to be frustrated over your current roomie situation. I always think I’ve seen/heard everything working as a barista. I’m always wrong. 😂 
     The only advice I can offer is continue to express your needs clearly. Then all you can do is “Kill them with kindness”. You’d be surprised at just what you can accomplish when you grease the wheels a bit. 
     Hang in there friend! We love you!


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Sorry you have to put up with this Abe.  

It's a long time since I had to darken the doors of a hospital but I found the only way to get some attention or proper treatment was to kick up a stink (or as we say down here "crack the shits").

I was lucky enough to have my own room way back when, but due to the painkillers I had auditory hallucinations, think the night nurses thought I was cray-cray when I kept telling them to turn off that effing rap music!  😊

Hope the rest of your stay goes OK.


Dont take that crap, hospital has a duty of care for all patients and thats not it ......stand up for your self or keep pushing your bed out of the room to somewhere else, can someone bring you in some wire cutters ?

Obnoxious behavior like this is the way of the word now I'm afraid and needs to be rectified at every opportunity .....

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Why is that? 

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It was just referred to on something else I watched a couple days ago. 

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Ok LOL I remember talking about the sheepdog & coyote and George...

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Oh, Cooper looks like a total sweetie!  I don't think he is going to strike fear in anyone!!

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You might be pudgy like Cooper, but he is cuter!!  


So I did not throat punch anyone but I did call down to patient advocacy and told them I found a couch and will be sleeping there tonight if I’m not moved and I’m tired of the run around and that I’ve witnessed patients being admitted to the floor I’m on, so cut the shit. Also mentioned that 8 days is way too long to put up with an issue this severe. 
They started in with the excuses and I told them to save it. So I’ll either be on the couch by the elevators or the problem will get resolved. 
Last night was the worst yet, and not my neighbor it was the hospital staff that should have been caring for him and respecting that there are 2 patients in each room. Unfortunately it was the charge nurse so I had no recourse other than to whine to my nurse who actually listened and said she would stay with me all night if need be. She should have been the charge nurse but is a traveling nurse so that isn’t possible. 
Thanks for all your support and Cooper the pre and post snow leopard shots, it really helped me out. 

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I seem to get told that a lot. 😩😁

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C’mon man I’m positive that Coop is a babe magnet, I know Gronk damn sure is, I keep telling my sister if she wants to get rid of him I’ll gladly take him, the chicks totes dig him 🐥🧲


I’ve now taken to recording the foolishness on my phone, there are two nurses that are being borderline abusive towards my neighbor and they have no inside voice, that small couch by the elevator is looking more and more like my best option 


That is a bad situation do not know if this is a bad thing to point this out, but I was wondering that most if not all of us carry a tool that can work to possibly even or win a small battle. If not make a person think twice. For your situation. "Burp the bag" !!! Alot. 

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Ha! He has a bedpan and he’s got me beat like world champion style when it comes to caca stench, I have a bottle of M9 by my bedside for when he gets changed and have been looking into buying stink balm it’s so bad, I may have someone bring me some Vicks, the cards are firmly stacked against me no matter what I try 

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" Which way did he go George ..  " .....that George ??  We must be around the same age Rae ?.. ........97 and 1/2 ..?  LOL  😜🤡☘  Magoo 👍


Ask your Doctor tell him or her you are not able to sleep ..people do not get well without proper slumber. Being in the hospital is hard enough..


Burp your bag when the wife is visiting!


Now that you’ve got the official NTA “not the asshole” verdict from us ostomates, I’m insanely interested to see what the people of Reddit would say on r/AmITheAsshole


It only took 8 nights but I’ve been moved, much better situation, new neighbor also likes it quiet. The only thing that didn’t transfer with me was no overnight vitals, I took care of that this morning. I wound up with a new nervous nurse that didn’t read my chart and attempted to deny me medication, I asked her politely to read the prn notes and she did and I got my med. 

Not sure I’m quite ready for Reddit with this one just yet, there are some brutal folks there 😑. 

I got some sleep and today I’ll get a nap and sleep very well tonight. Just got my cup of coffee from the hospital cafeteria and not the patient kitchen and it’s caffeinated and delicious! 

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So glad to hear your situation has improved!  Isn't it amazing what a good rest will do for you? Sweet dreams tonight!



So in addition to all the hell I went through getting to a new room. My Covid exposure tracker went off, Thursday or Friday I was exposed to Covid in that hellish room, guess who is now getting a private room in isolation without the $400 charge? One Abe Froman the sausage king of Chicago that’s who.

Of course I actually like my new roommate and am now kinda pissed I’m being forced to move, but fuck em for not listening to me in the first place, the amount of staff that were also exposed I’m sure is going to lead to some shortages and the oblivious couple went home this morning. 

Nasal swabs and another biopsy are in my future  and a nice private recovery room, once one becomes available. 

site is acting very funky tonight, I’m done 

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You are there to heal. You can't heal if you can't rest. It's like waking you up all nite to take your blood pressure.  Docs are starting to see that at least.  

I would push for the room change. I would then ask to speak with the Administrator of the hospital or CEO.  If that doesn't work call the Dept of health services division of licensing and certification in your state and put in a complaint.  The hospital fears them the most.  

You are not being unreasonable. 

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Are you still at the cottage? Are you doing ok now? Did you get covid? I have so many questions. LOL

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I’ve seen this method work at hotels, I’m sorry sir your room isn’t ready. 
strip down to skivys and start to lay down on lobby couch and all of the sudden lots of rooms become available along with keys and bellmen escorting you to said rooms 

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I agree! We need an update. ❤️I’d definitely date Coop or Gronk. They’re as handsome as can be. 🥰

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How did you know? I thought that night cream was doing a better job. 😅 I guess we’ll just have to age gracefully together. 🥰

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