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What do women like more?


Simple question, answer as specifically as you want. 😁 what do women like more?

1) clean shaven

2) stubbly

3) beard

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You failed to mention moustache, Erroll Flynn had one and Rhett Butler, but the former had other attributes which some say led to his great popularity among members of the opposite sex. Since you have posed this question to them, my vote and comments don't count.

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4)lip hair


Clean shaven deffo xx


e) any of the above. 🤔  whatever makes him feel most confident 


Doesn’t matter - just do you.  Years of knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight (aka Wisdom if you will) seems to only come with age.  One rare benefit of being old.  With that being spewed forth, here is my input for today’s question and I am sure you are waiting with bated breath.

If there was such a thing as a “life do-over” this would be my short list of what I would rate as important in seeking a mate.  
In this order.

 Sense of humor,    Respect,    Shared interests

Then there’s the fluff - looks and bank accounts !  🤑  LOL 


It’s not about a guy, it’s about what you as an individual like. 


Clean shaven for me for sure.  When it comes to what comes in second, I guess I'd say in some guys look good with beards, others, not so much.  Stubble would be a distant third, makes guys look scruffy and unkempt.  Mustaches would be last, as there just aren't many guys who look good in them, Rhett Butler aside.  My two cents.



     This is a good question. 😂 I’m actually on team scruff. I think it’s very attractive. 😂I know, the odd one out. I agree the man comes first, and what he’s comfortable with. If I had to object to anything, it would be a goatee or something similar. 


This is getting quite scientific. 🧐😂


Scruff all the way!


Definitely a beard, anything from a goatee to a full beard.  

Stubble or scruff looks OK but if you're on the receiving end you just end up with gravel rash, so not too keen! 🤭


Hey Alex,

I digress. A man with a "brain" is a good thing. After that, and after a few dates, all the ducks get in line. True colors! Just, K.

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😁. My question arose from a conversation I had with someone. So, it really has nothing to do with me per se and just what each individual woman prefers.


No preference. 😍

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LOL Love the song title "You should consider having sex with a bearded man."  Well, alrighty then! 😛 


Tom Selleck and Brad Pitt have moustaches and I am sure they are not suffering from a lack of female companionship. There are instances, however, where that growth can be a hinderance. Very hirsute examples of what Alex calls lip-hair exist in some parts of the world, especially the Mid-East. Certain over-zealous customs and immigration officers take it as a sign of a ruffian or a villain and subject those sporting it to extra interrogation and scrutiny, and honestly a flowing moustache does make you look a bit suspicious! As for those sterling qualities of heart and mind mentioned, the ones that help in the search for the right person to love, they take a lot of time to unravel. Some people don't have that much time available, like a wit has said in the long run we are all dead. A case, therefore, in that search for the right one can be made for sticking to the purty ones. In any case, my advice counts for little, I am a hopeless victim of all the ways in which love can go wrong. 

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Just my opinion here, but I think the mustache Brad Pitt had was for a movie role, and he looked awful with it!


Well, because this is such an important topic, I thought I'd weigh in a little more.  When it comes to beards, they are not all created equally.  There is the neat, trimmed beard, and then there is the wild untouched variety (think today's hipsters) which are a whole different thing.  Sometimes I wonder what might be living in some of those, especially if the owner's personal hygiene is questionable.  When it comes to mustaches, there is a wide range too.  The ones that always kill me are the full handlebar type, especially the ones with the waxed, turned up ends!  I used to work with a lot of cops, and we would sometimes go out for social pub nights.  One of them, a really nice guy, sported one of the most outrageous ones I'd ever seen, and I had trouble looking at him and keeping a straight face!  Lately, I've been seeing guys with beards that they braid or even turn into pigtails!  I guess we all need to express our own individuality in our own way.  Vive la difference!


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That means I’m out! 


I love them all but I really like a beard but only if it is kept trimmed short. :-)

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     Your facial hair is very attractive and suits you. Perhaps I spoke too soon. I was thinking more along the lines of one small patch right below the lower lip or clinging to one’s chin. It ends up looking like they just missed a spot. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Even that I could forgive considering the vast expanse I need to shave. I’m bound to miss a spot. 😂


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   I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. Beards are so, so different. I think I was turned off by a very bushy, unkept beard. I don’t mean unkept as in not trimmed, but smelly. Always harboring crumbs or chew spit. It’s just a tough one to stomach. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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There’s hope for me after all! Thanks Rae I was being a donkey as usual! 

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You’re never a donkey Paul. I’m glad I could put your mind at ease. ❤️


Clean shaven or stubble 😉


Depends on the man’s facial features.  Clean shaven is sexy, but so is scruffy!  And a go-tee, even combined with “haven’t shaved in 5-6 days” is hot too. :)


The data so far is earth shattering. 😂 I guess someone isn’t as weird as they think they are. 😁


Short, well-trimmed beard along the jaw line combined with a mustache. My husband of 31 years has tried everything from short and neatly trimmed to full fluffy foot-long! Mustache and no mustache. But we always come back to the short, trimmed, jaw-line beard with a mustache, also short and neatly trimmed. My son (now 26) grows a beard out to a couple inches or so, shaves it clean, and starts over. I have to say he looks good at every length I have seen it in; he couples it with bottom-of-the-shoulder-blade-length hair that he will sometimes pull back into a pony tail. Quite handsome, my boy is (even if I am prejudiced!).


Clean shaven. 

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