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What are the best colostomy bags?


I’ve personally tried a few different ones.  Overall I think we can agree the most important part is a dependable, strong, lasting, seal.  The last couple brands (can’t remember) I tried, came off after a little bit of exercise or a solid day of running around.  I now use coloplast and their seal seems to last the longest but still not reliable enough.  Find myself constantly pushing in it and trying to make sure it’s 100% stuck to my skin all around the stoma, allllll throughout the day.  Would LOVE to find a product that stuck well enough to not have to worry about any sort of leak for at least a few days.  Anyone else find a better brand/product?  Experience?  Thoughts?  Comments?  

MUCH love and respect to EVERYONE on here 🖤✊🏻 -Mike 

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I use coloplast for my ileostomy and was constantly adding barrier strips and it felt like my right side just had a mountain of stuff on it, in the hospital I was given hollister and I did like their adhesion system not hard but soft and was comfortable to wear but I did have to use the pink zinc tape around it. When I got home I went back to coloplast and after the change I put on my hernia belt, so far I haven’t had to add anything to it, that hernia belt pressed the adhesives into place and held them there, it’s now day 3 and no issues, the hernia belt was wicked uncomfortable, I need to add some foam to the rigid portion for more comfort but if this holds I’ll be very pleased to not have to use “extras” to hold the appliance on. 

best of luck 



Hi Mike have you tryed using a blow dryer on warm setting and warming up the face plate so that it sticks better, also make sure the skin is absolutely dry  before putting on the face plate.


I have always used Hollister two piece. I think the weakness is not the bags but the rings. I have tried all the different rings and found Salts rings are the best. I often get 10 plus days using them with flange extenders.


I'm new (colostomy Feb '22) to this but I've tried Hollister two piece and Coloplast one piece. My digestion is still an issue so I've learned more liquid = less time between bag changes. The Coloplast seems to hold up better than Hollister, but that's just my experience. I do use a blow dryer to soften the base and warm the adhesive to get a better seal against my skin. I just changed to the convex base and it fits better. 


Hi Michael, I use Coloplast SenSura Mio Convex 2 piece appliance. I use 3M Cavilon no sting barrier film wipes before applying the appliance to my body... and a hair dryer to heat up the wafer.  I also use Coloplast Brava paste around my stoma. I have used all this since March 2020 with no issues. I do use the small belt that is made for the Coloplast SenSura Mio Convex 2 piece appliance. I do have a Nu-Hope belt for when I am doing any activity that would require lifting. Love and positive vibes to you. ❤️

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Welcome WhirledPeas. ❤️ Your name sounded familiar and once I thought about it for a bit I realized it was an old joke about World Peace. ✌️❤️🙂LOL (Or a band from Texas. 🤠)


Hi Michael,  Well, my vote for best adhesion goes to Hollister.  Coloplast just won't stick for me longer than a couple of days.  I get six day wear time with my one piece, soft convex, Hollister, and I can stretch it to a week if I really want.  We are all different.  I do warm my flange with the blowdryer, and make sure my skin is super dry, also hold it down for a good two minutes after application, holding your warm hand completely over the pouch with a good amount of pressure.  I haven't had the adhesion fail me yet.  I also find the Hollister more comfortable than the Coloplast.  



I use Hollister and have not had a problem. Hope you find what works best for you


Hi, Hollister, CeraPlus #8958 works well for me. 


Hi Mike,

I have had my ileostomy for 27 years and have tried lots of systems. The one that works best for me is Convatec Natura 2 piece. I use Brava strip paste as well and it usually lasts 7 days. When I change my system every Sunday I always lie down for 1/2 and hour and hold my hand over my ostomy. The heat from my body and hand help to create a great seal. I hope you find something that works for you!



Hollister here. I don’t like any of the bags that don’t have the cloth edge like Hollister does. I change mine every 4 days and I’m extremely hard on the bags/seal. 

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I’m coming around to your side on the cloth adhesive system, so much more comfortable to wear

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Same one I use!  Dependable and comfortable.

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