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No pain to start the day


Got up today, had the usual creaks and groans that come with aging, took my morning meds and was off to the races, folded laundry, made cookies, looked up some things to hopefully help another member, kept up to date on the Ostomy Memories series, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, got the coffee pot ready for tomorrow morning. 

Thought that was enough so I sat down and caught back up on some other Dr related stuff said hello to the neighbors, then BAM to sharp very sharp pains in the rectum around the area where it feels like in sitting on a jagged rock. 

Guess I overdid it, now it's time for the mid morning nap and then wake up to try again before Dr Zoom this afternoon.

Hope you all have a great day and don't get stabbed with an ice pick!


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Yes, ice picks are bad. You ever see Basic Instinct? 😂😮


No ice picks over here, thankfully. On the contrary, I had a follow-up outpatient appointment with my surgeon this morning and he's discharged me from his clinic woooooooo!! 🥳

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Good for you. 👍

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Wonderful news Meadow! ❤️


Hope it goes away for you. ❤️

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