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Drinking soda like dr.pepper


Can i drink soda with a ileastomy bag.

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Hi mdls I've had my ileostomy 12 years. Just this evening with dinner I had a Pepsi. I've also drank Dr Pepper many times the only issue is it does have a tendency to cause gas due to the fizz. And it also comes out the same color as it goes in. I say enjoy. 


Also forgot to mention that with me it has my waste watery. Then again so does drinking fruit juice of any type. Just something you might want to be aware of. 


I have a colostomy and drink pop all the time. 


Yes, you can definitely drink soda with an ileostomy.  I don't get any ill effects from it, and if I ever feel nauseous or have a belly-ache a can of coke clears that right up!


I have a colostomy and if I drink pop it cleans me right out. 😬


i thought fizzy drinks. beer and lager caused my pouch to balloon so i avoid them , maybe it's just me.


I have an ileostomy and drink Dr Pepper . Some ballooning, slimy output , but it goes away fast . Enjoy your drinks

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Thank u so much i will give it a try..

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