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Hello All, I'm wishing all a Happy Juneteenth Day. For many it was just a day off work but for others it has meaning.

Happy Juneteenth !


hello Angelicamarie.

Thanks for drawing this celebration to our attention.

In Britain on 28th August 1833 a very important act received its Royal Assent. The Slavery Abolition Law would finally be enacted, after years of campaigning, suffering and injustice. This act was a crucial step in a much wider and ongoing process designed to bring an end to the slave trade.

Like most new laws devised and enacted by those with vested interests in power, this law had so many loopholes which enabled slave traders to circumvent the laws  for many decades to come.  

Without going into too much detail, the trajectory of events leading to the abolition of slavery remain a significant chapter in British and global history, with important lessons for humanity as a whole.

I like to think of days of 'celebration' such as Juneteenth as days of 'remembrance', in the hope that history might teach us something about humanity's present and  potential future.

Best wishes


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I'm with Bill with regard to the importance of memorializing, but I don't think history teaches most people a thing. 


Happy Juneteenth!


Happy Juneteenth a bit late. :-)

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I am late but was certainly celebrating. This year, we had a Juneteenth Program at work. The "Grandmother of Juneteenth" was our keynote speaker. She is 95! She walked from Texas to Washington DC at age 89 to bring awareness to the holiday which got millions of petition signatures then was made a federal holiday. I hung on every word she spoke. How inspiring!Happy Juneteenth Dr. Opal Lee

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