StealthBelt: Boosting Confidence in Physical Therapy?


I was wondering if anyone uses the StealthBelt or an equivalent. I thought maybe something like this would make my husband feel more secure going to physical therapy. Thoughts?

Thank you all for your help. I'm going to order one today. If it does nothing but give him more confidence, it will be worth it.


I wear one daily for work and if I go places (dog to the lake, out to eat, etc). I bought the vertical one as I wear a one-piece bag and I don't want to put my bag on sideways. Plus, I deal with pancaking sometimes. Just my preference though. I had a picture of mine on, but I must have deleted it.

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It's a great product from a great company. They will work with you to get the proper fit and answer any questions you have.


I had one made... but actually forgot about it!
Thanks for reminding me!

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Yep. I had a question before ordering, very quick response.

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I bought a horizontal Stealthbelt and the sense of security was well worth it. Like Alex T, I had an incident of pancaking. I've been pretty good about feeling when thick discharge is happening. I'm able to push it aside which helps avoid the pancaking. Your husband will get to this point also. There is also a product from PouchWear that holds the bag diagonally. It secures the bag well, just not as securely as the Stealthbelt. I use this every day as I've never had a problem with pancaking as gravity has more of an effect. I recommend a belt, especially after I had a bag fall. It's very easy to stand up from a table and hit the bag on the underside of the table causing it to fall from the barrier. Having one for therapy or getting back into sports or work is highly recommended.

Best of luck,



I would recommend it. I have two, the regular one was my first purchase. Later, I upgraded to the thicker neoprene they recommend for swimming and sports. I actually wear that one every day as it is thicker, so it dampens noise. If your husband has a colostomy, he may also consider irrigation. I do that daily, and it is a game changer.

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