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Intermittent Fasting wish me luck


I am on day three of my  Intermittent fasting with an ileostomy. I stop eating about 6:30pm to 8:30 which is 14 hours if this goes well I will move to a 16 hr fast. 

Has anyone had success with Intermittent fasting? 

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Before going back to work, I was doing 12-13hr fasting. I’d stop eating/drinking at 8pm and not have anything before 8 or 9 am. Harder for me now cause I have a weird work schedule but I’m changing a few things gradually. Not much different as far as my output since I have a colostomy but my fat butt doesn’t need to be eating so much nowadays. 


Hello Mike. 

Interesting that you view these eating times as intermittent fasting. I have always (as long as I can recall) had my last meal at 17:00hrs and the next at 07:00hrs the next day, which makes 14 hrs of 'fasting'. 

This routine has worked for me both before and after having a stoma. Most of that time I will be asleep so I have not really classified it as deliberate 'fasting', although now you mention it, I suppose that's what it is.

Best wishes



My intermittent fasting is from 8pm until 12noon, so my eating window is 8hrs, so 16hrs fasting. It’s working well for me and my ileostomy is (mostly) behaving well. 
I need to loose about half a stone, more if possible. Fingers crossed 


I tend to have my last meal around 6pm. I had found in the past to have a supper stirred the Ileostomy over the night which of course ruined my rest and beauty sleep. :) Then I have breakfast at 9am. 


I lost 15 pounds eating 2 meals a day. First meal is kind of extended - 2 cups of coffee followed by breakfast. I say extended, because I will take my time drinking and eating (and waking up) so breakfast runs from about 8:00 to 9:30. Second meal is "lupper" - halfway between lunch and supper. Usually eat at around 3 pm, lasting till about 4:00. I try not to eat anything after 4, so about 16 hours if I did my math right. After that, my husband and I went on a 2-week trip meeting up with other family (read 3 meals a day at the same times they eat), and regained almost 5 pounds in 2 weeks! Getting back onto my diet, lost 2 pounds, keeping on trucking. I still need to lose another 15 pounds.

Having difficulties, because I broke a bone in my foot and can't exercise like I need to. It's more than just the diet.


I try to eat within a four-hour window most days.  There is a lot of diabetes in my family (LOTS!) and I was prediabetic more than 50 years ago, so I walk the line. : )  Post-ileostomy a lot of what I eat is way too carby for someone with my risk factors, and I control that with the intermittent fasting.  It works.  With that and walking, my last A1c was 4.7, and sometimes it goes as low as 4.6.  No diabetes there!!  And that's with my crap food diet, so . . . 

I am not religious about it though.  I take my morning supplements with applesauce.  And I use Bulletproof coffee to keep me running during the day, a big cup in the morning and another if I start to get hungry or run out of energy.  So it is easy for me to adhere to, because my energy is good and I am not tired!  You have to adapt to the Bulletproof coffee though so give yourself a week or so.  Same with the intermittent fasting, you kind of have to increase the fasting hours at your level of comfort, you don't start out going 20 hours with nothing but a little applesauce and Bulletproof coffee!!

The good news is that it really does work.  And when I feel like it, I eat ice cream with my grandkids and take-out of the dishonorable variety. : )  I don't adhere perfectly, but then again, I don't need to.  It is easy to live with way and it really does promote overall better health, too.  So yes, it works, no, you don't have to be perfect about it, yes, give yourself some adaptation time, and yes, please give Bulletproof coffee a spin, it is amazing, at least for me. : )

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