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Ostomy Memories of Lunchtime

Sat Jul 16, 2022 2:50 am
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I ALWAYS ENVIED this guy that I worked with because he never ate lunch.  I thought that it was terrific that he could get away with not having to bother about it.  He was skinny, of course, and I’m sure skipping lunch contributed to that.  It’s just that, for me, lunch was always kind of a pain in the ass.  First, I had to stop what I was doing, even if I wasn’t done, because it was the so-called ‘lunch hour.’  Then I either had to go out to buy lunch which, as expected, entailed deciding what I wanted then going there and then waiting in line to get served, or I had to have brought something from home, typically a boring sandwich of some sort.  I realize that many people look forward to lunch.  It breaks up their day, gives them a chance to relax from work and grab a bite to get them through the remainder of their day.  Orson Welles once made a point about this.  “Ask not what you can do for your country,” he said.  “Ask what’s for lunch.”  In any event, lunch has remained problematic for me all my life.  Especially these days, as I’m burning much fewer calories than when I was younger, lunch tends to complicate my weight issues, especially when I have a sinful, gluttonous love of Jersey Mike’s subs.  Is it lunchtime yet?  

Sat Jul 16, 2022 3:32 am

Thankfully I don’t have a Jersey Mike’s very close to me cause they are pretty damn good. I ate a sack lunch for so many years before I started at the railroad, I almost hate taking my lunch to work. Now, my biggest meal is right before I go to work and then a protein shake when I get home right before going to sleep. 

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Sat Jul 16, 2022 3:42 am

What on earth is a jersey Mike sub ?? Xx

Sat Jul 16, 2022 4:05 am

They are actually very good ...but not as good as my three cheese , ham and sun dried tomatoes with a drizzle of Olive Oil ...Yummmm and garlic butter Mmmm... but Jersey Mike' is still good 👍☘...found in Sacramento Ca . ☘

Sat Jul 16, 2022 4:32 am

Caz67 wrote:

What on earth is a jersey Mike sub ?? Xx

It is a submarine with snorkels which means it doesn't have to dive to charge its batteries. It has a look-out posted in the crows-nest and one each on the port and starboard side of the bridge. It is on a perpetual search of the much sought after Jersey Mike sub and is destined to roam the oceans in pursuit of that treasure.

Sat Jul 16, 2022 4:32 am

Caz67 wrote:

What on earth is a jersey Mike sub ?? Xx

You people over there are so deprived. 😁 just Google it but then you’ll want one. 

Sat Jul 16, 2022 4:56 am

I love Jersey Mike’s as well, haven’t had one since the ileostomy though, guess I know what’s for lunch today! 

Sat Jul 16, 2022 5:42 am

Ooo, I could just eat one of those now. :) I hadn't heard of Jersey Mike's so had a google and wow, yep, that type of Sub is what I will have........Off to the shop I go hi ho >>>>>> toodleoo for now. :)

Sat Jul 16, 2022 6:08 am

Hello HenryM. 

For many years I did not have lunch and came to realise that this is an eating habit that can quite easily be done without. However, my reasoning for this omission was nothing to do with food but everything to do with the strategy of my management colleagues who insisted on arranging 'meetings' for lunchtime because that's the only time when they could be sure everyone was 'around'. I would simply make sure that I always had important appointments elsewhere booked for that time so that I could legitimately opt out of their meetings. (There's always a way around these things if you put your mind to it).

After a while, eating mornings and evenings just becomes a way of life and I can honestly say that I never 'missed' lunch. in the sense that I thought I ought to have had some. 

Best wishes


Sat Jul 16, 2022 7:48 am

Hi all i always would bring a sandwich and piece of fruit for lunch, the same old bolony and cheese or ham, maybe tuna once in awhile but then that fantastic machine the microwave came along and the leftovers from the day before changed lunch time was worth looking forward to. 

Sat Jul 16, 2022 10:44 am

AlexT wrote:

You people over there are so deprived. 😁 just Google it but then you’ll want one. 

Just googled it and basically we just call it a sub or baton if you want to make it yourself lol. Hmmm I think I will have to get one next week 😉 XX 

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