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What's your hobby?


Just before my stumpy arrived I got into wood laser burning and finially after about 4 months getting back into it. I missed it and the little cash flow it occasionally brought.... my 1st piece was yesterday my example is in honor of my parents....please share urs and pics if ya got them...

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So lovely this is Mommabear, and a precious keepsake.

Sure any you make from now on to sell will be gratefully received by people and treasured too. 

In the past I enjoyed decorating Birthday cakes etc. Maybe in time I will get back to doing those. 


Waterfowl and turkey hunting, fishing. I won’t post pics cause a lot of members aren’t real fond of pictures of that stuff. 

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do it my friend it's another part of feeling normal just bake a cake decorate it and stepback smile and yell yesssssssss....ty for the kind words I will be posting this 1 and take a few custom orders if they come....

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Awesome Alex T....great healthy hobby love it....


I play music in a band with my husband and we raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. He and I occasionally play just the two of us in bars, local fundraiser walks and pretty much whenever we're asked to play. We started playing "court" gigs - outdoor music for our neighbors - during the pandemic. I always say: what we lack in talent we make up for in spunk!

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Fresh food!

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I'm in awe of people who can do this. The results are so beautiful and it must be meditative on some level while you're decorating.


Mommabear, that's so beautiful.

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Morning eefyjig....Wow what a great hobby doing what you love and helping others along the way woot woo... thank you for sharing....keep the music playing 💞


Hi all my wife and i like trail riding with our SxS four wheeler.


That is wonderful what you do eefyjig, enjoyable for you both, and all who listen along surely join in singing. 

So very caring and thoughtful regarding the Make-A-Wish foundation. 

Such a lot of pleasure I got out of decorating cakes. 

I went into the kitchen little while ago Mommabear, and voila, made these sultana buns. 

Tuck in everyone. :)

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woot woo betcha they taste as great as it felt I am hungry 😉 

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Howdy Ron in Mich.....what an awesome hobby the great outdoors, nature at it's best, hope you pack a picnic lunch for ya both and stop and take it all in.....keep on riding 😀 


I'm a Shriner clown and I have a ton of projects that I hope to finish soon. I have a clown car, a 1986 RV that the mechanical are all done on it, and several small jobs in my garage! I've been retired since 2007 due to my ileostomy problems. I'm also into surgery every year or so since my first one in 2010. I'm at 17 surgeries currently from the botched job the VA did on me! Lol, You have to keep a good attitude and get up everyday and do something constructive! Yesterday was the first day I didn't do anything in years! I said I needed a rest day and never got dressed at all! But you also need a day sometimes to recoup from being tired.. I enjoy life and everytime it knocks me on my ass I get up flip off Karma and keep moving! I don't know why I'm still here but I am.   

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Howdy jghandymann20....thank goodness you are still here, the world needs clowns like you and especially a sheiner 1 at that....keep the world laughing and keep karma at bay 



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Absolutely beautiful Mild love it...great work can tell by the craftsmanship the pride of your pieces...keep creating 


That’s awesome Mommabear, I love making things with my hands too.  The hobby I love most is gardening. I grow mini roses as well as berries, grapes and I recently purchased a cherry and peach tree. Most of my stuff is grown in pots, and I am obsessed with finding new things to grow, lol. 

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Alex, I love your hunting pics! They’re so cool! 

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MS18 what a great hobby we currently are surrounded by apple trees and we planted plum, peach,walnut ( my hubby babies) and lilacs I also love my roses currently have yellow and orange....its rewarding to watch new life grow and flourish especially by ur own hands....awesome job girl keep tilling the earth and growing new ideal hands girl.....


I got into using resin about 4 months before my emergency colostomy. I really enjoyed it, but have not done much of it since then.

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That sounds so nice. I love lilacs and I’m hoping to get a plum tree next year. Soon I’ll have my own orchard, lol.

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Thanks. I have a lot of them but I try to be respectful that some don’t care to see dead stuff. 

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Morning psminker....that is beautiful.... give it a go even a small piece it will get that urge and creative juices flowing....get back in the saddle again and let your imagination's get therapy and they say just did it give it a go and remember to share....have a great day



That looks like a great hobby! My hobbies are painting, recording music, cooking and gardening. You can say I like the arts in many ways. Mike 

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Did you say cooking? I like people who cook, as I am not a good cook. And I love the arts, but not super talented. I do love to sing, but more along the lines of a karaoke singer than a recording one. Would love to hear a song some time.

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Morning Mike....friggin awesome paint the food you garden the cook it up whilst your rocking the tunes what a fantastic cornucopia of tale ts wtg.....keep doing what ya love great way(s) to live on....


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What beautiful work!

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What beautiful work!

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