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hi & thank you for the tips on irritated skin.

What' everybody doing about swimming, is there a good cover to wear?
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Hi again,I was told that the only thing you needed to do was put that sticky piece over the filter before you went swimming or in the shower,stops water leaking in.Well, lesson learnt.I never use them as they are too easy to forget.And we can imagine where thats going.But to be honest,never worn anything but what I'm swimming in.Only problem I ever have is if I over-stretch with the right arm while I'm swimming.Seal breaks.Guess if your active in the water ...but I havent worried about covering it more than what the clothes do and have no problems.Cheers,Tarababy
I do use those little sticky things over the filter when I go swimming.  I find they really do work and since you get them with every box of pouches, I have lots...enough to have pretty much, backpack, suitcase, etc so they are always accessible.  As for anything else, just the swimsuit.

Depending on  your type of surgery: Hollister has a cap that can fit over your flange that is pretty much flat. It would work with a colostomy since output is not constant. I dont think it would work with an ileostomy as there is not room to hold output.

mcosner wrote:
Depending on  your type of surgery: Hollister has a cap that can fit over your flange that is pretty much flat. It would work with a colostomy since output is not constant. I dont think it would work with an ileostomy as there is not room to hold output.
Embarassed Well umm I tried the caps instead of the pouch while swimming with a bathingsuit. First off I have an ileostomy which the output is alot more liquid than a colostomy and it isn't drainable (the caps) while not long after being in the water it ballooned out,just full of waste.I must also say I was at a grotto with no public bathroom I had to go into a cave and take it off and replace it with a drainable pouch, needless to say it was a leson learned! I enjoy the water very much, so now on I just use my regular convetec flange and pouch, I do not have to use those sticky things for my kind do not have filters (filters are a whole nother story for an ileostomy in itself LOL)(THEY LEAK AT THE FILTER BECAUSE OF THE OUTPUT BEING LIQUID).Although after being in  the water for awhile the adhesive at the flange gets ruined so you just have to change the flange! Hope I was alittle help.Good luck!
Hey folks, sorry i only just noticed this post, there are 2 options i can think of, one is a very desirable range of high end swim ware designed especilly for ostomates by Vanilla blush you can see their products at  Nicola from Vanilla blush has done a superb job of designing swim ware and lingerie for ostomates, there are 1 piece and 2 piece swim suits available.
The next solution is the Dry Pro and as far as i'm aware is the only ostomy and stoma protector with a watertight vacuum seal that can be used for showering, bathing and swimming or any other water sports for that matter. It is a very useful piece of apperatus for those who have to purchase their pouches, as it fully protects the flange from water damage and prevents fluids from flowing in or out of the pouch filter.  You can veiw the product at

Used in conjuction with Vanilla blush's swim ware you have the perfect solution for active swimming.x

Ok, so I checked out the two sites that sweede mentioned.......

I've got to say that the gadget to keep your flange dry seems to me more of a hassle then anything else.

And I also checked out the site for lingerie and swimsuits and nice as they all are one thing I noticed was that the models didn't seem to have scars. Do these ladies all have colostomies??

I've been a ileostomate for almost 23 years now and I wear a tankini for a swimsuit without anything holding my pouch in place. No issues at for those intimate moments............what are they?! Sorry about that, I have found items right off the rack at Victoria's Secret or other places such as those...

As nice as all the items are I really didn't see any that would provide enough coverage for my system.

Thanks for the sites and suggestions sweede. I think I will just keep doing what I've been doing.
Hi pisceschild How's you lass, you've raised a very good point there actually, the swimware models don't seem to have belly scars, i will contact Nicola on that one.

But i can safely say that all the lingerie models do all have ostomies, i have meet a few of them,  for example Pereira is the illeostomy and intenal pouch association's young I.A co-ordinator and the rest are all members of british patient associations.  They have all appeared on british daytime T.V.  in there various lingerie also. But like i say i will contact Nicola with your query.
I also agree with the fact that the drypro does look a bit cumbersome to put on, as with any new item practice makes perfect, i know i felt like it was a huge mission to change my ostomy pouches at first, but now i can do a bag change in under a minute, so i guess in time it will be no problem to adorn with frequent use.

Granted it's not for everyones tastes but i have yet to see a water tight ostomy cover yet, The lady who makes the free designer pouch covers for my foundation is working on the project tho, so perhaps one will be available soon, i plan on obtaining a drypro to test drive as i aim to give one as a prize to members of my foundation in the summer, so i will get back to you as to how practicle it actually is.

Unfortunately i am a U.K resident and am unaware if Victoria's Secret stores are available here, but i am very interested in the products you have found, perhaps you could send me a link of the items you have purchased and if willing write a wee presentation recommending the ones you have tried. it will be of much use to the users of my site.

If not then no worries.x

Hi there sweede.

By the way my name is Ann. Victoria Secret's is a lingerie store and catalog. You can probably do a search on it and find a web page for them. I do know that they have models from all over the  world working for them.

I haven't purchased anything recently from them as far as lingerie goes but I have found that bikini and or thong type panties work the best and don't 'ride up' to high on the belly.

Even though you do live in the UK, I'm sure there are stores/shops there that sell intimate apparel for women.

And I took a sneak peek at your profile and I must say you sound like a very busy young man who happens to be doing some very good things for others. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your posts.
Cheers ann, i will have a look at the items you mentioned, being a hairy arsed Highlander ( can we say the word arse on here ?), i'm afraid i am not that learned on items of ladies intimate apparel and only go by what i am recomended, i kinda figure that would get me into a lot of trouble otherwise as i think any lady looks good in a thong hehe.

But i guess i shall follow this thread closely for recomendations, thanks for replying so soon.x

P.s, My name is Steve by the way, nice to meet you.x

Hey there Steve, Ann here. Looks like you can type arse here and not get into trouble.
Seriously there's someone here who's name is s***bag and if they post his name I'd have to say that just about anything goes here!
cool cool.x
Hey Pisceschild, I contacted Nicola at Vanilla Blush regarding your queries as promised and this is the reply i was sent back: (we were discussing other stuff also so it is just an exract from the email)

"As regards the swimwear model, yes believe it or not she does, she had keyhole surgery for her op and the lucky bi*ch has no scar, however she is coming off the site as she has just had the third part of the surgery and is now a pouchie, as is the Raquel model, again keyhole and no scar.
I have a fabulous new model for the dotty about spots range and she is going to do the swimwear as well.
So to make a long story short they all have/had bags."

There you go lass, laprascopic surgery certainly is the way forward, hope this clears up the issue. Nicola is a very sound person and i very much doubted that she would deliberately mislead people.

I hope this finds you well.x

Hi, I have an Illostomy and Iam active in our Sr.water arobics twice a wk.
Iam using Cymed Mirco Skin Ostomy Pouching Systems #78400
it's a one piece opaque drainable pouche with a microDerm Plus washer
and it works excellant!!! It stays on, and there is no leakage with it,
I also use it, If Iam traveling or going to go out somewere special.
I buy bathing suits with a boy cut leg, this hides the bag fully I find.
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