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Guilty Pleasures

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Oh Cone Ada up there 

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LOL Paul 🍁🥰

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Available since 2010 in your whole country! 

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My local grocery store is not up-to-date...can't find that kind or my Chubby Hubby. 😭

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Just another plot perpetrated by the man to keep us ice cream lovers down, dammit 

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I'm just 3 weeks out from my colostomy but I am so craving a Ganzos (My fave local Mexican place)  nacho or their yummy enchilada bathed in a ton of sauce with LOTS of cheese!  MMMM.  Also miss my glass of Moscato.

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What are you waiting for? 


I’m a fellow popcorn lover - lots of ‘butter’, seasonings or just plain- bring it. While I cannot drink much, once in awhile I will hav a sip of a good single malt scotch or a few sips of a good red wine (Bordeaux preferred). 
most of my dietary restrictions r from other issues(diabetes and celiac) or self-imposed. 
When and how much to drink any fluids is an ongoing learning curve for me as I continue to get more active. 


Good Morning,

I am not even going to be guilty for resurrecting this thread. :)   I can eat pretty much what I want, though found that drinking any type of alcohol causes extra runs, so don't do that hardly at all anymore. I love ice cream, and favorite is butter pecan.  No issues, with nuts thankfully.  

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Butter pecan ROCKS!  Butter almond too, but it's harder to find!!  Man, now I need to go find some ice cream!!


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You’re talking ice cream, that’s always a good topic. 🍨🍦👍

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