New Lemonade Flavor for ORS!


Well, maybe not totally new, but new to me. So I'm mixing up some ORS in the kitchen after having a multi-hour discussion with a gal about KETO and fasting. Those two subjects are fascinating in themselves, but combined make for some really amazing healing possibilities. If you don't know anything about those two............look them up. You'll be shocked to learn the medicinal power they have in terms of inflammation reduction, gut health, and on and on and on. Truly amazing. One of the tidbits I gleaned is drinking lemon water helps cleanse your liver. The citric acid does wonders. The other tidbit I got was that artificial sweeteners do the body no good at all. Pretty common sense, unless you're not paying attention, which I wasn't. Also, apple cider vinegar sort of doubles the cleansing power of the citric I want to do that too. So I'm standing over the sink gettin' ready to make my ORS.........and I get thinking. Ya, I can smell it all the way over there. Ha-Ha!

So I'm thinking ORS is really just sugar and salt in water. But unflavored it tastes a bit like drinking ocean water. Then I start thinking.....sugar.....and lemon....and water........that's LEMONADE! I LOVE lemonade!! But will it mask the salt? Time to get mixing......and it sure does! You can of course adjust the amount of lemon juice you use, just use fresh lemons and not the concentrated juice, which is crap. So after a few tries with varying amounts of squeezed lemon wedges..........I got it! Tastes like lemonade.........cuz that's what it is. No hint of salt to be found. Once I finish this quart I'm going to replicate it, but then try adding the apple cider vinegar. Might totally f *k it up......but I really want to find a way to incorporate that into my ORS.

So as those smart people say.........when life hands you lemons..........make ORS!!! If you've discovered any other good ORS recipes.......please share with everyone! Now I have to go back to staring at the stupid Golden Corral video to see if I can find the kid's sleeves....which I can't. Because they're not the kids'.....they're the Mom's. Homie is on my shit list for making me watch that video like 47 times!!!



I agree that artificial sweeteners do the body no good at all. I use stevia... I might grow some next year. :)


What's ORS?

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ORS = Oral Rehydration Solution



Here's my newest try, it'll make you pucker like a MOFO.

Getting Support in the Ostomy Community with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

Bob, I'm surprised you're so behind the curveball. ORS is something all ostomates, especially ileostomates, should know about! You can drink water all day long and not be properly hydrated! The body needs a specific ratio of salt, glucose, or sugar in order to absorb. By eliminating salt, your ratios are off!

Here is what the World Health Organization (WHO) describes: a homemade ORS with one liter of water, one teaspoon of salt (or 3 grams), and six teaspoons of sugar (or 18 grams) added (approximately the "taste of tears"). Drink for health, not pleasure!


Donavon and Bob

Now you two have got me wondering about ORS - it never has been mentioned to me by docs or ostomy nurses, this website seems to be my only source for information regarding my 2-year-old ileostomy and my stoma named Seymour. I do tend to worry about hydration as it's been mentioned many times with much caution on this site. The "WHO" which we all know and trust is suggesting "homemade ORS with one liter water with one teaspoon salt (or 3 grams) and six teaspoons sugar (or 18 grams) added (approximately the "taste of tears")". Now I am wondering if I can somehow "jury-rig" or "Bill" this recipe using replacements such as 1 oz. Captain Morgan (sugar), 1/2 can Diet Coke (water), and a bowl full of potato chips (salt) which I can easily down for both health and pleasure while viewing all the commercials on TV during any programs I might be trying to watch? Asking for my friend Seymour (And I use this term loosely)

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Look at Alex living large!!! Someone's got deep pockets!!! And yeah, I bet that citric acid does make you cross your lips!!! I think it's the first time I've seen a water-based drink that was so expensive their website offers you a 4-payment plan to cover the $30 cost of a 12-pack! That's not a purchase, that's an investment!! Wow! Who thought $10 grape juice was so expensive. Best stock up now before grapes go out of season!!! Or.........maybe in Nebraska water is worth more than grape juice???

I absolutely love that color purple!!! But........there's always a 'butt' an ORS I gotta say it comes off a little light. For that $5 a liter, you're only getting about 2% of the sodium you need and 16% of the glucose needed to make it an ORS. Compared to a liter bottle of Gatorade, which is always on sale for a buck around here, and a tablespoon of salt (5 or 6 free salt packets from McD's) you'd get 2 liters of ORS, once diluted with more water properly. It's hard to beat the homemade stuff in terms of cost......but I sort of want to lick that looks delicious!!!


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Hi Don!

No, I've known about ORS since I got my frontbutt. But it never dawned on me to make it with lemons to get the citric acid! I've made it with tons of other things, but never a lemon. Fruit typically adds fructose, not glucose, so I'm not sure if the co-transporter would be activated or not. But that's a great question........I need to look into that!! But a lemon has no fructose (ok it has a tiny amount, but not much). Just never connected the dots! And I DO feel pretty stupid about it right now.

This morning I was experimenting with adding a couple tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to a liter of lemonade ORS. It does mask the vinegar really well, but you know you just added it, so your brain seems to find that vinegar taste even though it's not really there. I'll have to find someone to make it for me and not tell me which bottles have the ACV!! Damn brain.........hate it sometimes!!


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I could dig the bottle out of the trash and send it to you. They're new to me so I figured I'd try them (I have a lemon-lime one too). They are pricey compared to my normal Gatorade but sometimes a guy has to splurge.

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Agreed... we all have to live a little! Everything's worth a try. Don't show me the lemon lime bottle, as green is my favorite color. I might want to eat that bottle, rather than lick it!

Here's one I was checking out... interesting, but not a big fan of the dextrose. But it sounds like they know what they are talking about.



Thank you so much for this post. I have had "Colin" for 6 months - am hoping to divorce him in 2 weeks time!

ORS has never been suggested to me so I'm fascinated. I have my own lemon trees so will try a combination of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt, sugar, and water.

I shocked Colin last night as I drank most of a can of Coke. I don't know why - figured I would deal with the resulting gas but never anticipated the eruption that followed about 2 hours later. It blew the seal of Colin's colostomy bag, I had "Sh*t" everywhere.

Colin filled up another bag really quickly so changed him before bed. Woke up this morning to another half-filled liquid bag. So....I have learned my lesson and Coke is definitely off my list of safe foods and drinks - forever!


I'd divorce him too if he treated me like that! Fortunately for me, I have no issues with a Diet Coke. Wondering if regular Coke would be different with real sugar? Years ago, they would recommend sugar for babies when they were constipated.


Hey Bob, have you ever heard of True Lemon? It's real lemon crystallized in little packets. It's great to have on hand when you run out of lemons. It's super convenient too to take with you when dining out or on the go in the car. Just add it to your water with a packet of sugar and a packet of salt, and you have instant ORS anywhere, anytime. I have been using it for years for my ORS. Tastes good and works great.

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I believe it stands for Oral Rehydration Solution.

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Hey, that true lemon sounds like the ticket! I'll have to buy some. Thanks!

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