Ostomy Memories of Southpaws


PAYING FOR MY NEW COMPUTER, I noticed that the gal behind the counter was wearing her watch on her right wrist.  She was in her early twenties, I would guess.  "Are you a southpaw?" I inquired.  "What?" she replied, a look of incomprehension on her face.  "A southpaw?" I repeated.  "Am I from the south?" she asked, incredulous.  "No, no," I said, realizing that she had no idea what I was talking about.  "Southpaw means left-handed."  I got a dumb stare, followed by a forced smile.  She had never heard the word.  A few minutes earlier, in conversation with the computer-knowledgeable salesman, I had gotten the feeling that he and I were speaking different languages.  "Gigabytes?"  But now, at the counter, it was strictly the age difference that had caused us to be speaking different languages.  We were two people from different times.  I had caused her to feel uncomfortable and me to feel my age.  My wife, herself a southpaw, smirked through the whole encounter.  "When are you going to learn?" was her reaction on the way out of the store.


Although a left-handed pitcher is called that in baseball, in boxing a boxer thus armed leads with the right hand. In the game of cricket, they are simply called 'lefties'. Many people think they are much more elegant than right-handers. To make matters more confusing, some players in that game bat with the right hand and bowl with the left and vice versa. She would have been more amazed if you had asked her if she was sinistral, which means the same thing.

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ron in mich

Hi guys, back in my single days, we would play mixed softball - guys and gals. The guys would throw with their regular hand but bat opposite, so we had to be sort of ambidextrous.

Homie With A Stomie NS

Lol, great post... I am a proud southpaw completely, but for some reason, I wear my watch on the left hand. Damn, I knew I was special.


I dated a southpaw way back when. She handled things differently.

How to Manage Emotions with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

I am left-handed.

Alex, Alex, Alex.

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ron in mich

Ditto on being a southpaw.


Doesn't matter which hand you wear your watch on if a mugger wants it. Near a casino visited by many gentlemen from the Middle East, I was accosted by a character who asked me what time it was. Later, I learned that it is a ploy to see what kind of watch you have on. He then grabbed the watch and ran for it. Luckily, it was only a Raymond Weil not on the expensive side with a leather strap, but probably looked expensive to a customer like that. The next day, I looked at all the watches that some of the players in the casino were wearing. I knew quite a few from the Middle East, some Chopards and Cartiers, were on display. A much-liked character there had a Piaget, he told us he reads the holy book all day and spends all his nights in the casino! I warned them all to watch out for ruffians who want to know what time it is. I learned that watch and mobile [cell] phone grabbing were common occurrences in that neighborhood.

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It has always amused and amazed me that people spend untold thousands of dollars for over-priced watches like Rolex and such.  I wear a Bulova which I bought about thirty-five years ago and it still runs fine.  In a way, people wearing lots of expensive jewelry, flaunting their supposed wealth, are asking to get ripped off.

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Not all Bulovas are inexpensive, Henry. Some antique and vintage ones can go for plenty.

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Me too! Makes more sense to me. Ha. I do lots with my right hand, too.

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