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Who is your celebrity crush….


Since Henry meets/knows all these celebrities, I figured let’s find out who everyone’s celebrity crush is. Here’s mine….Mariska Hargitay 😍

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Benedict Cumberbatch.  My friends don't get it at all!  I think it's his voice, the depth of it, the accent *sigh*, pretty sure with that mouth he'd be a great snog too, LOL! 😍 🥰

Crush started when I first saw Sherlock, this episode in particular! 🤩



Nicole Kidman!!


Jennifer Connelly


mark Ruffalo!


Peter Dinklage. His voice😍


Obviously there’s something about guys with dark hair and deep voices. 


Idris Elba for me.  Now, that is one gorgeous man.


p.s.  and then of course, there is that deep voice and sexy accent!


Sam Elliot..that's all I got to say


Christopher Meloni - Elliot Stabler on Law and Order:SVU





What guy wouldn’t want a cute genie all his own who calls him master

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You like the bad boys!😉

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He's the most loving and caring person you ever want to met....And yes I do love the bad boys don't most of us?! 

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Adam Driver and Rami Malek, among others. 

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Don’t all women call guys master? 😁😮🤭going to my corner now…..😘


What is a crush? Temporary infatuations? Never had any, mine were more red-hot passionate affairs, for me at least. Once took (stole) money from my parent's closet to follow a very attractive dancer as she toured various towns and cities. The manager of the air-conditioned bogies on a train suspected as much and asked me how much money I had taken when running away from home!


David Beckham especially now he has matured XX 


Can I be greedy and name another. Morgan Freeman wowsers XX 


Caz, you can name as many as you think you can handle. 😮🤭


Ryan Gosling


Jeffrey Dean Morgan ❤️❤️❤️

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Oh yes, I like him too!

Reply to CircleC

How did I forget about Ryan?!

Reply to delgrl525

Me, three!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson…YUMMY

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Well, if we can have more than one then! 🤭

Henry Cavill 😍

and if I can turn back time or wasn't born too late it would be this other "Harry" below! 🥰


Raquel Welch does it for me!!

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