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OK, so what is everyone's fave Halloween candy? I'll go first....Twix 

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🤔.  Smarties, Sweetarts, flavored Tootsie Rolls. 


Lions midget gem's, blackcurrant and liquorice sweets,anaseed twist. XX 


i love those chewy candies wrapped in black or orange paper that everyone else hates…  i also like bit-o-honey and all things haribo. 

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those fruity tootsie rolls are pretty good too! 


Twics are for kids…or is that Tricks haha


Mary Janes!



Mine used to be almond joy! But, no more coconut and no more nuts :(  So I guess my new favorite is reese's peanut butter cups 


Mmmm Twix - "The only candy with the cookie crunch!" 🤣


Quite like Twix too, otherwise Kit-Kats, Turkish Delight, Cherry Ripe, Violet Crumble and am very partial to a packet (or two) of Maltesers! 😋



Anything chocolate 


Junior Mints


Chocolate 🍫 🍫🍫

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😂 Any and all. 😋


Milky way😋


Stoma City, are you a horror movie fan? Your photo looks like the pumpkin in "Halloween." I'm enjoying this month and all the horror it offers!


KitKat, Twix and Swedish berries

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What are Swedish berries?

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I want to know too!

Are they like our raspberry lollies?  Cos Yum!

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Love Swedish berries and fish!




I figured I’d better get ready for Halloween, I hope it’s enough….Actually I hope I don’t eat it all before Halloween. 👀😬😁

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I just bought a bag of 255 pieces of candy and chocolate. I'd say it's about a third gone already. I should've known better.

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they are like a gumdrop


Hi all Swedish fish strawberry flavor.

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